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Quite often, while watching live matches on TV, tennis fans turn to their mobile phones to discover the variety of apps they have. It may be social media apps to chat with friends and share thoughts on the match or some news-related apps to find out details on a particular tournament or rivalry.
During Grand Slams (GS), the second-screen app of choice is usually the tournament’s official app. Tennis fans use such apps to learn latest news, watch interesting pics and videos, read live blogs, or examine the schedule.
However, most GS apps lack a number of features that could help marketers attract more users.
1. Live chats.
Of course, many fans use Facebook or Twitter to support their favorites or just share thoughts on a particular match. However, marketers could prevent users from leaving their official tennis apps if those apps had a live chatting feature.
Just imagine. You predict game outcomes, find valuable knowledge, and comment on wow shots just in one place without the need to switch to other apps!
2. Head-to-head.
You can find details on any match on the official tennis apps, including stats and head-to-head numbers.
But it would be great to check any rivalry within a GS app and avoid using external sources, like this one.
3. Tennis betting.
A live betting feature is a great idea for a tennis app. Unfortunately, not all the tournament officials and software engineers think the same.
4. Search.
GS apps offer chatting with a bot and asking any question on the tournament arrangement: Where can I buy the tickets?, Who plays next?, etc.
However, none of them has a search bar on the home screen.
5. Personalized calendar.
Looking forward to watching the rivalry of all times, but have a memory like a sieve? Setting an alert on the mobile phone is an optimal option.
But imagine if GS apps could allow you to do that within their tennis app. Unfortunately, for now they don’t provide this feature.
Want to learn more about tennis second-screen app functionality and business benefits it can bring? Read this article.
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