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This has been a great year for Oz tennis, and not just at the top.

But I haven't been able to find all the achievements nicely summarised anywhere, so thought I'd have a go at pulling some of the stats together, and progressively add some other key stats that may be of interest on Oz players.

At the moment, just those ranked in the top 300.

Please let me know any corrections or omissions.

ATP World Tour titles


Hewitt (2 - Brisbane, Newport)
Tomic (1-Bogota),


Guccione (2 - Newport, Bogota)
Peers (1 - Bangkok)
Groth (1 - Bogota)
Hewitt (1, Newport)

Best slam runs

Nick Kyrgios - Singles quarter-finals, Wimbledon
Andrew Whittingham/Alex Bolt - Doubles quarter finals, AO
Sam Groth - Doubles semi-finals, Roland Garros
Matt Ebden - Mixed Doubles Semi-Finals AO

Singles slam match wins (this yr; career):

Kyrgios (5;6)
Matosevic (2;2)
Hewitt (1;145)
Tomic (1;21)
Ebden (1;3)
Duckworth (0;2)
Saville (1;1)
Kokkinakis (1;1)

ATP Challenger titles


Kyrgios (3 - Sarasota, Savannah, Nottingham2)
Groth (1 - Rimouski)
Reid (1 - Burnie)
Alex Bolt (1-An Ning)


Guccione (6 - Dallas, Leon, Shenzhen, Taipei, Gimcheon, Nottingham)
Groth (5 - Dallas, Leon, Shenzhen, Taipei, Gimcheon)
Matt Reid (1- Burnie)
Smith (1 -Burnie)
Kokkinakis (1-Winnetka),
Bolt (1, An-Ning)
Whittington (1, An-Ning),

Rankings movers (in order of change from 15.7.13 to 14.7.14)

Kokkinakis - 554 (797 to 243)
Thompson 336 (608 to 272)
Saville 179 (345 to 166)
Kubler 178 (409 to 231)
Smith 160 (338 to 178)
Kyrgios 148 (213 to 65)
Groth 124 (223 to 99)
Bolt 82 (309 to 227)
Mitchell 71 (297 to 226)
Ebden 27 (113 to 86)
Hewitt 24 (65 to 41)
Matosevic 21 (73 to 52)

Steady: Duckworth
Lost ground: Tomic, Reid

Rankings - top 100
(as at 21/7/14)

Singles ranking: Hewitt (41), Matosevic (52), Kyrgios (65), Tomic (70), Ebden (86), Groth (99)

(as at 27/7/14)
Singles live race: Hewitt (36), Kyrgios (41), Matosevic (62), Groth (66), Tomic (69), Ebden (130)

Doubles: Peers (27), Groth (45), Guccione (49), Jumaid (71), Smith (84), Ebden (86), Whittington (95), Bolt (98)

Doubles team rankings: Peers (w Murray, 14), Groth (w Golubev, 22), Guccione/Hewitt (26), Ebden (w Anderson, 29), Bolt/Whittingham (38), Guccione/Groth (58), Hanley (w Marray, 65), Smith (w Marray, 94), Mitchell/Thompson (94)

Ranks 100-300 (as at 21.7.14)

Singles ranking: Duckworth (164), Saville (166), Smith (178), Mitchell (226), Bolt (227), Kubler (231), Reid (237), Kokkinakis (243), Thompson (272)

Live race, 27.7 : Saville (146), Duckworth (156), Bolt (177), Kubler (180), Kokkinakis (184), Smith (188), Mitchell (208), Reid (236), Thompson (319)

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Thanks Kate! It really has been an excellent year. No top 30 players doesn't look good for the more casual tennis fan, but we've got plenty in the top 100/200/300, and many young ones too.

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No top 30 players doesn't look good for the more casual tennis fan, but we've got plenty in the top 100/200/300, and many young ones too.
I think the rank movements suggest that over the next year the number in the top 100 could go up by another 3-6, and pretty much inevitable that some will make it into top 30 over the next year, just an issue of when.

But I actually think the stats suggest that our top 30 gap will be fixed in the next few weeks.

Would be a longshot for Hewitt, but not impossible on current form.

Tomic has a lot of ground to make up so even if he maintains or improves his current effort (which you wouldn't want to bet on!), will probably take a while - though a great run at one of the upcoming M1000s and/or USO, while unlikely, is obviously not altogether impossible.

MM possible but unlikely - improving but not that fast, and behind on the race.

But for Kyrgios, just a matter of when he plays enough matches on the face of it.

Kyrgios is already at 37 in the official race figs at 27.7, and that's off fewer tournaments than the other top players - 10 compared to an average of around 15. Of those ranked higher than him, only Djokovic has achieved his rank from as few tournies. The disparity is even greater when you look at full year rankings.

His ranking is not just off that Wimbledon run either - if you look at Kyrgios' win/loss ratio throughout his professional career to date, it is extraordinarily good.

His transition to the top group looks like that of the Big 4s both in terms of matches needed to get into the top group, and win ratio, rather than of the next group down. In challengers his w/l is 26/5. Hewitt's challenger w/l was 13/5; Djokovic's 28/8; Nadal's 34/10; Fed's was 16/7; Murray's was 22/12. I haven't looked at the whole of the top 30, but Kyrgios's challenger record is much better than pretty much all the young contenders (Raonic, Dimitrov et al).

That's not to suggest he'll be top 10 instantly - clearly does have to play the matches, last out in form to the end of a tourny which means building stamina; there will be ups and downs as he faces tougher fields in the M1000s and plays more of the top players; and always luck of the draw, freedom from injury etc etc. He could crash out early at Toronto, Cinny and USO. Still, on the face of it that is less likely; top 30 by the end of USO if not sooner is looking very very achievable.

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Hopefully Kokkinakis
You mean for top 30?

Yes, I definitely, he lookee very good out there today. But probably still at least a few months off, rather than a few weeks!

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Kokk for the wildcard? Yes a very strong claim now, could be a nice leg up to his climb to top 100. But I guess we have to see how Tomic goes...

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OK so both potential Davis Cup doubles teams have now had an outing. There are two vital questions to be answered.

1. What to call them - I've suggested Tomios and Grothione:

2. Less importantly (OK not really) which one should Rafter pick? Or stay with Hewitt-Guccione??
I think that this option may be considered in cases of injury Guccione. Nick and Bernad must play singles matches on Friday. And on Saturday Hewitt/Guccione against Istomin/Dustov which will play 3 days in a row.

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The race for the AO main draw (wildcards) just hooted up a few degrees with the announcement that Kubler plans to play Brisbane and AO. Given he is next in the race after Ebden, he'd have to have a pretty good chance for a wc on the face of it, though demonstrating that he can actually play on hard (say at Traralgon) would probably be prudent. Interesting though.

I've done a piece on the assorted claims of the contenders here:
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