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Week one of the spring semester is in the books.

Wednesday, I was placed in charge of all three of her classes-along with a sub-while my teacher was out of the building. She left good plans for me, so it wasn't that hard.

But I'm still amazed by the difference between first and fourth hour. They're both honors classes, but they're as different as night and day. When I gave first hour their instructions, they eagerly got to work and chatted quietly in their groups about the assignment. Then, I took them to the library to do some research on the poems they will present for Poetry Out Loud. Again, they were well-behaved and on-task. Now, fourth hour....again, night and day. I gave fourth hour the same assignment, and already they're having trouble comprehending what they were supposed to do. I had to explain how to look for the information they were asked to find...and I had to call them down too many times. Because of this, I made them submit their packet by the end of the hour, as opposed to first hour, who got to take theirs home.

Then there's third hour. This class is OK behavior-wise, except for two young ladies. One is chronically tardy, and the other has gastric issues (burping). I don't know what happened with previous instructors, but I can't have this go on in class all the time. The next time the one girl comes in tardy, whether it's for the beginning of class or lunch, she's going to get reprimanded. If the problem persists, she's in d-hall. The second girl....the teacher and I haven't determined what we'll do there.

Other than that, everything is OK. I'm enjoying this experience much more than I am my last job...and that's not really saying much since my last job gave me terminal nightmares.
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