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Discussion Starter · #1 · first day to teach will be February 8. Currently, I'm deciding on whether to teach Of Mice and Men or To Kill A Mockingbird first. I will give my cooperating teacher an answer tomorrow.

Yesterday, I attended my first faculty meeting...yea, yea. Those are every Wednesday, and I will be able to attend because I have class on Wednesday, and it's convenient for me.

And what else? I'm currently reading material for my upcoming units. I have four total to plan, since my sophomores are going to be the ones I will be with the longest.

Today, I got some contextual factors together...what the class demographic was and how many students there were, etc. I think I'll love all the students in all three classes. They are a diverse bunch...ones who will enjoy reading and writing. I look forward to working with them and learning from them...
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