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T. Berdych def. M. Ancic 6-3 6-3

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some win here

i expected it to be Berdych the winner but not with this score

a few more wins for TMc now :bigclap:

Pics coming next
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Perfect match from Berdych. Ancic had no chances in any moment of the match.
Phenomenal performance by Tomas there and Ancic had no chance against that mixture of power and consistency. He was patient from the back, hitting deep but not high risk but as soon as he had even half a chance to attack more he hit clean winners over and over.
Impressive stuff from Berdych! :eek:
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No chance for Ancic here...Too good Berdych.Will be interesting vs. Pics. :D

And Cilic becomes Cro#3 :haha: :spit: :yeah:
22-16 winner - UE ratio for Ancic is perfectly good and would win most matches.

Tomas ended up with a 26-12 winner - UE ratio.
wow first Baghdatis, now Berdych. What a performance! Why can't they show this kind of form more ofteb
I didn't want him to win, but he played really well so I cannot say anything against him.
I'll be happy if he qualifies with this kind of form.
Just hope that neither Blake nor Boredo will qualify.
This is why I'm a fan of Berdych, he's just a perfect ballstriker, such clean and perfect strokes.

Then he'll stink it up like no one else the very next match. A complete oddity.

Really great match, I enjoyed watching one of my least favorite players dispatched so easily. :hearts: Hope Tomas can keep up the form.
Aww Mario :sad: Well done to Tomas though :)
Berdych was too good tonight - one of his perfect storm matches.

In any case, Mario looked knackered, like he needs a long rest.

He can have one now. :hug:
I am starting to like Berdych :scared:
good for you ;)
The way Berdych played today, I would be perfectly fine with him qualifying if Haas doesn't make it.
The way Berdych played today, I would be perfectly fine with him qualifying if Haas doesn't make it.
Why? I mean, if he proved he could string this together consistently then I doubt anyone would have a problem with it, but isn't the problem that he CAN play like this but rarely does?

I'd still hate to see him get to Shanghai and then have one of his crappy weeks where he needs a couple of extra metres added to the length of the court.
Great performance from Tomas! :worship:

Happy to see him play a wonderful match again (it has been quite some time...). Hopefully he manages to maintain this level!
Hopefully he continues to show up and not just crap out.
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