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Right now, my attitude toward everything is nonchalant. I'm at the point where nothing matters but everything does, if that makes sense. Perhaps, it's time to take a step back and examine things from another point of view.

I am so glad that the right people are in my life right now. It took years of self-examination to get to that point. Since I am heading in the direction that I'm supposed to be going, I am attracting like-minded people, and that's a good feeling. And members of my family are getting their acts together too. Many of them have given up addictions and harmful relationships, and have realized what it is they are supposed to do. This, too, is a good feeling. These things are what I'd hoped for, for several years now.

Stepping back from that, I find myself still undecided about what's next after I get my teacher's certificate. There are so many options for me to consider. Perhaps I should postpone making any decision until the certification is in my hand. That's exactly what I'll do. I still want a master's degree, but I will not allow my mind to be occupied with what program I want to study or even what school I should attend. I'm taking this one day at a time, one class at a time. I have so much that I'm doing in the classes I'm taking right now-lots of reading and lots of studying-that I really can't allow thoughts of what 2008 will bring...since I have a whole two years to ponder it and have everything just so.

And even right is going to experience some changes. I don't know how those changes will impact me, but I must remain watchful in that regard too. I feel that something good may happen, and I'm holding on to that-unless I have reason not to.

Right now, I have to get ready for another day at work-and in class. I'm going to remain hopeful that today, at least, will be a good day...and I'll live it to the fullest like I always do.
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