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I was at work very early this morning ;) Everybody seems to be in a pretty good mood today, my boss even signed my sheet for my days off for RG :aparty:
I had a lovely message in my mail box, from a girl i love so much so everything is good today...
I had troubles to come here later in the day and i felt panic filling me! i can't live without MTF already? :lol:
I don't have a lot of work today so maybe i will be able to do what i didn't think possible: updating my blog with the biography of each players of my teams... not all today of course but maybe the begining at least!
I have a lot of hours of work today cause my colleague is not here but i haven't a lot of things to do.. that's another reason of the title of this entry!lol
I will do my v-bets now.. sending a message to my friend Sue, then maybe keeping on telling my monaco stories to another friend.. then after a bit of work maybe :lol:

I'm not too stressed by Gaston's match, it's only because i'm peacefully lazy thi smorning, the stress will grow up with the day... I have high expectations for Gaston deep inside me even if i try to stop me because Gaston doesn't know how to play with pressure on his shoulders and this tournament is so .. made for him that it seems too logical to be true... Anyway, i will pray Ste Rita a lot today ;) (and i hope the following days too!)

I'm really pleased to be reconciled with the human race for some time... i'm not so alone in the universe, some are like me, it's comforting ;)
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