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Super Saturday

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Kimmy just warapped up her SF against Sharapova - Will be taking whatever she is offered to beat Pierce, on top of the outright I have with her

Saturday will be Kimmy's Day :)
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I'm all with you on that. After Nalby lost, I put 1 unit on Fedex X Kim to win. Can't see this not happening now :)
Battle of the chokers tomorrow. Kimmy should win but I'm guessing she'll be low, around 1.33 or something. Might throw her in with Andre.
Yoel and co. said:
Pierce is a choker?
Mate did you watch the French Open final? And the couple of matches before the final she did her best to choke away. Admittedly she hasn't got the pressure of "her" nation on her shoulders this time.
Then I think we have different definitions for a "Choke".

To me, a choke is when someone blows away a big lead. Like Kim vs Serena in the AO, like PHM in the Davis finals, like Mauresmo in any big match

Pierce didn't choke therefore in the FO this year. She came, She saw, She was demolished. Simply like that.
Interesting bet at Bet365

Federer -8 games 2.10
Tie (Hewitt +8) 8.00
Hewitt +8 games 1.90

I'd be tempted by Federer, one convincing set and its probably in the bag
Yoel and co. said:
She came, She saw, She was demolished. Simply like that.
Yeah because she choked :p
got this line yesterday and it's just low enough to play

Andre Agassi -235 over Robby Ginepri for $1500

good luck guys!
the odds for Clijster suck....fuck...too easy
Tonights selections:

Agassi over Ginepri @ $1.42 (4 Units)
Agassi into Federer @ $1.51 (2 Units)
Sydney into Federer @ $1.47 (1 Unit)
Federer to beat Hewitt @1.08 - no brainer
Ginepri to beat Agassi @3.00 - 50-50 game in my opinion so going for better odds
Pierce to beat Kim @3.75 - too big odds for an on-form Pierce
Yoel and co. said:
Pierce is a choker?
Did you see the French Open vs Patty S.? Pierce needed something like 11 matchpoint in that last game to win the match. :worship:
Kim to win the 6 units I posted for her to win it all Thursday (bet 4)
I want that payout after losing 5 yesterday - damn Elena, damn women's tennis :)
I'm off the Robby G. train, think he has a great shot but I lean toward & want Agassi to win, so I'll just enjoy the match.
gl all
Posted in the wrong thread.

Clijsters V Pierce - 3 set match @ $2.70
Fed x Agassi x Clisters @ 1,99 Maximum stakes.

Agassi under 40 games @ 1,80 High stakes.
Ginepri v Agassi -

20 units: over 37.5 games @ 1.87 said:
Ginepri v Agassi -

20 units: over 37.5 games @ 1.87
Good luck Jimbo,nice pic champ!!gonna tail ya mate ;)
Damn too late,good luck on it mate,looks real solid hope you cash it champ :)
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