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So we're gonna back some winners again? Santoro gave Van Scheppingen virtually no chances and won it by retirement of the Netherlands player. First final, in Wroclaw is the place, where Tomas Zib is gonna face Werner Eschauer. First of all I have to admit, that it's very hard for me to place any bet on that one. I'm supporting Zib by all my heart, but hey, it could be not enough for Eschauer. Tomas struggled yesterday, we know that Economidis had an amazing serve(30 aces) and Zib has got problems with returns, but right now it's Werner on the other side... Eschauer playing the tournament of his life, that's no doubt about it, but will he manage to beat Zib? I hope not, but that's no bet game. Fabrice Santoro for the 3rd time in 3 days? Why not, Bolelli struggling since quarters, Santoro didn't play any tough game and won't have any problems today. Bad is that odds are a little bit short, but worth placing it in some kind of combo. Still second semifinal open for betting in Florianopolis between Zabaleta and Pashanski and the vote goes to Zabaleta, as he's looking much more solid here in Brazil, and especially after this win in La Serena not so long ago, he should have no problems with Boris. 2-0 for that is my call, most propable 6-4, 7-5.

Santoro to beat Bolelli at the odds of 1.37
Zabaleta to beat Pashanski at the odds of 1.60
Both at combo at the odds of 2.19

Record up to date - 4(5)-1 +1.44, but Hernandez have just to confirm his win today, as he's up 6-2 and 2-1 with a serve.
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