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My summerholiday started some weeks ago, I shouldn't be happy about that, because most of my schoolmates are still at uni. But because I failed my exams, I am not allowed to do the most important and last exam of this year... No instead I got holiday now, and will have to a resit at August 22. To make it worse, I am unable to do the resit then, as I get surgery a week before. Will my teachers still allow me to do the resit and important exam later, so I can still start graduating next year?!
But while most of the people who failed the exams just like me are disappointed that they can't do the big exam, I accepted it quite soon and really enjoyed these first and earlier than expected weeks of holiday. After I had finished the last things for school it was the week of the ARAG World Team Cup in Dusseldorf where I would go 2 days. I had a great time there tho the weather was so cold *brrr*. It didn't really give me a summerholiday feeling and the weather only got worse. Something I really noticed the week after when I did go two days to Mierlo, where I would visit the training of the Socceroos. But no matter how cold it was, I loved my time there, had nice chats with the Aussie press, could get the picture I really wanted (one with the Australian soccerplayer, Brett Emerton) and had lots of fun hearing all the complaints from the Aussie press. How can it be 10 degrees at first day of summer?! :lol:
But the weather cleared up and I could also enjoy the sunny weather, could go to the beach and had some nice days visiting friends which I hadn't seen for ages! Some nice parties were included as well of course, the gardenparty we had with my studenthouse was, how could it be else, on a cold evening :rolleyes: but I was glad the weather got better a few days later as it was time to go to Rosmalen for some more tennisdays. In the meanwhile my parents had started already that I didn't do anything serious in the weeks I had holiday. But c'mon, am I not allowed to have some time off before being serious again?! It's holiday!!! Rosmalen was great, I could go more days than expected (with knowing the right people, you can get in for free). Was so happy I could finally meet Marco again.
So my summerholiday so far consisted out of sport, sport and more sport. If I didn't visit a sport event, I watched sport on tv, like Roland Garros, the World Cup soccer, the grass events in between the GS's and of course now, Wimbledon! As soon that is finished it's time for the tour the france... so shortly said: this summerholiday I won't have to be bored!

Well that's my life atm, not bad I would say. Thanks a lot to those who read my blog and leave comments! :hug:


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