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Instead of waiting for the next slam or masters event, I've decided to start Suicide Tennis with Thailand which will be held Sept. 26 – Oct. 2. It's a small but popular tournament and will be a good way to get everyone hooked on this new game. :banana:

It looks like it's going to be a decent line-up, too: Philippoussis, Hewitt, Haas, Ginepri, Srichaphan, Horna, Spadea, Muller, Soderling and Federer are in. Roddick will be away on Davis Cup duty; Henman, Safin, and Gasquet are out with injury/sickness.

I will post Day One OOP here when it becomes available and then you can make your picks known here. A new thread will be created for each day of play to keep everyone's picks in order. I will include both singles and doubles draws to pick from. :)

FAQ: How to Play Suicide Tennis
Suicide pools test your ability not only to pick a winner, but to project your winner through the ups and downs of a draw. You'll also have to know what players can easily win an early round match for you, but can be counted on (at least by yourself) to falter as you go through the remaining days of the tournament.

For each day of play, you have to pick one - yes, just one - player who you think will win his match that day. That is out of all the matches played that day.

But, once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So you really don't want to pick a Federer to win in early matches.

To survive in the suicide pool, you have to choose winners on every day of play. Sure it may sound easy (and probably will be) on the first few days of play - but as you get deeper into the draws, you have to start picking based on not only who you think will win, but who is likely to lose down the road. And remember, if you are still alive come semi-final time, you are not only picking who you think would win a semi, but also who would lose the final, since you could not pick the same player again.

Picks will begin with the release of the Order of Play for Day 1 - you will have until play begins on Day 1 to make your selection. Subsequently, you can pick your Day 2 winner as soon as the Day 2 order of play is announced, and so on.

Picks are made PER DAY, not per round, so if the first round is played in a two day stretch, then you will be picking two players to win, one from the top of the draw, and one from the bottom of the draw.

Click here to see a short example of how this game is played.

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Do you stick to the OOP original schedule, irrespective of later changes for postponements? ie if a match is held over because of time problems, does the result count when it is eventually played?

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In the original game, it appears that people could change their mind on picks depending on who had lost/won earlier or if matches were postponed.

But I am thinking that it might be more exciting (and less confusing) for people to keep their picks once they pick them. In other words, once you've posted that you're picking say, Hrbaty, then there's no going back, regardless of what happens before/during/after the match.

I think that would add a sense of danger to the game, don't you think? Instead of giving people a backdoor exit (eg, "I'm picking Ancic, unless Poo retires due to injury again then I'll go with Gonzo.") otherwise the game shouldn't be called "suicide." :p

What do you or others think about this? If this sounds like a good idea, I'll add it to the FAQ.

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I am thinking of a scenario where a game gets postponed from day A and is played on day B, but after some day B games have been on court. That could get confusing, but maybe not, because you have to pick your day B player before any game starts on day B.
If you are satisfied postponements will not cause problems in picking, OK, otherwise the safe way would be just to pick a player each round.

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FEDERER, Roger vs DANIEL, Marcos
HORNA, Luis vs MINAR, Ivo
HAAS, Tommy vs LABADZE, Irakli
KIM, Kevin vs WANG, Yeu-Tzuoo
NIEMINEN, Jarkko vs KUCERA, Karol
SODERLING, Robin vs VIK, Robin
BASTL, George vs MURRAY, Andy
NORMAN, Dick vs Q
SRICHAPHAN, Paradorn vs Q
GARCIA-LOPEZ, Guillermo vs Q
GIMELSTOB, Justin vs LAPENTTI, Nicolas
HEWITT, Lleyton vs DLOUHY, Lukas

The Q's are still fighting it out for a place in the draw. When the OOP is put up, then we can start picking. :D

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I'll play :)

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I'm play-play playing Tang.

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in a case of where the 1st round is spread over 3 days, can you pick a 1st round winner on the 3rd day?
Like the USO, if the first round is spread out over three days, then you would pick a winner PER DAY (3 winners total). We pick a player per DAY, not per round. :)

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Monday's OOP is up :woohoo:

- You have until beginning of match play to pick your player
- Pick one player to win; if he wins, you are still in the game, if he loses, you are out
- Once you pick a player you cannot pick him again for the rest of the tournament
- If you pick a player today, only to have his match rescheduled for tomorrow, your original pick still stands
- No changing your mind! Once you've picked a player, it sticks.
- Good luck and let's have fun! :banana:

THAILAND OPEN - Monday 26 September 2005

Matches Start At: 12:00 NOON
John Paul FRUTTERO (USA) vs Guillermo GARCIA-LOPEZ (ESP)

Dick NORMAN (BEL) vs Nicolas THOMANN (FRA)

followed by

Starting at 7:00 PM
Kevin KIM (USA) vs Yeu-Tzuoo WANG (TPE)

followed by
Robin SODERLING (SWE) vs Robin VIK (CZE)

Tangy - Norman
Denaon - Kim
JMG - Garcia-Lopez
Volcanic Tennis - Karanusic
nkhera1 - Kim
PinkFeatherBoa - Garcia-Lopez
scythe19pro - Kim
buddyholly - Karanusic
twahumboldt - Kim
Escude - Norman
Truc - Karanusic
PaulieM - Norman
savestheday91 - Norman
Fergie - Kim
Grinder - Fruttero
surfpinky - Gremelmayr
[email protected] - Karanusic
Zazou1573 - Norman
fabolous - Garcia-Lopez
nokidding - Garcia-Lopez
bad gambler - Kim
SwissMister1 - Garcia-Lopez
Golfnduck - Kim
fedpras - Soderling - Garcia-Lopez
Naldo - Kim
Bolar Bolabi - Kim
azza - Garcia-Lopez
Juanqui Lover - Garcia-Lopez
adee-gee - Kim
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