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Suicide Tennis - Open Sud de France - Montpellier

1. Each day of play you must pick 1 winner playing an ATP main draw singles match. The player you choose must be on the tournament OOP for that day.

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste your pick on Federer or Nadal to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. You have to submit your own pick, no one else can submit a pick on your behalf.

4. Each Player shall submit a back-up pick at the same time they submit your main pick. This pick will only be used in the case of a walkover or withdrawal of your main pick, a walkover from your main pick's opponent, or in the case a Lucky Loser replaces your main pick's opponent. Retirements do count as completed matches. If 1 point is played the match will be considered in play and your pick is valid.

Replacement picks must be identified like this:
Back-Up Pick - Nishikori
Make it clear and try to do it all in one post!

5. No commitments are necessary! If you wish to participate, just post your Day 1 pick in the correct time. New players are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Once the order of play is released, it will be added IN THIS THREAD, right below, to facilitate your choices. Each day, this post will be updated with its respective order of play.

NOTE: You can't pick a player from a match scheduled for the previous day and postponed for the next due to rain or darkness! Choose only from the matches posted in the OOP here for the concrete day!

7. Picks will be acceptable until BEFORE the start of the FIRST match each day.

8. The scoring system will be as follows:

Regular ATP250s:
Losing Pick on Day 1: 1
Losing Pick on Day 2: 5
Losing Pick on Day 3: 15
Losing Pick on Day 4: 35
Losing Pick on Day 5: 60
Losing Pick on Day 6: 95
Losing Pick on Day 7: 150
Winning the title: 250
9. Never edit your pick. If you change your mind, you must first "quote" your original pick in a new post and enter your new pick there.

10. This thread is not made to complain about format, points, etc. There's Suicide Suggestions Thread created for that.

If the board goes down as it has happened before, send your picks on my e-mail: [email protected]

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Under Construction


Day 7 - 150 points

 10. PortlandTimbers:  Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Pouille
 15. homyse:           Rublev, Simon, Gasquet, Khachanov, Tsonga, Pouille
 79. wtatourfan:       Rublev, Simon, Gasquet, Khachanov, Tsonga, Pouille
122. Walsall:          Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Gasquet, Goffin, Pouille
127. Trenches:         Rublev, Simon, Goffin, Tsonga, Pouille, Gasquet
Day 6 - 95 points

 4. HoorayBeer:       Paire, Simon, Bemelmans, Pouille, Gasquet, Goffin
 5. Droog:            Rublev, Simon, Gasquet, Khachanov, Pouille, Tsonga
 6. Super Hérault:    Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Pouille, Gasquet, Tsonga
 7. Hellcat:          Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Pouille, Gasquet, Tsonga
 11. Tulipe:           Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Tsonga
 16. Raffaella:        Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Tsonga
 17. pjr428:           Rublev, Simon, Herbert, Dzumhur, Gasquet, Tsonga
 19. Hidalgo:          Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Tsonga
 24. ESPNGEEK:         Rublev, Simon, Gasquet, Pouille, Goffin, Tsonga
 29. Matthew2408:      Rublev, Simon, Herbert, Pouille, Goffin, Tsonga
 30. Elmo Jr:          Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Tsonga
 32. Transcender:      Paire, Simon, Herbert, Dzumhur, Pouille, Goffin
 33. Normand:          Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Pouille, Goffin, Tsonga
 34. Vitor BM:         Rublev, Simon, Millman, Pouille, Gasquet, Tsonga
 36. lupojohn:         Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Pouille. Gasquet, Goffin
 37. Nir1989:          Rublev, Simon, Herbert, Khachanov, Gasquet, Tsonga
 38. digor:            Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Goffin
 42. Dupuis2006:       Rublev, Simon, Millman, Khachanov, Gasquet, Goffin
 48. ZabaletaFan:      Paire, Simon, Bemelmans, Pouille, Khachanov, Gasquet, Goffin
 58. Tuggy:            Rublev, Simon, Herbert, Pouille, Tsonga, Goffin
 60. HurricaneRay:     Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Khachanov, Gasquet, Goffin
 84. abyssII:          Rublev, Simon, Mahut, Khachanov, Gasquet, Goffin
 88. Snowwy:           Paire, Simon, Bemelmans, Gasquet, Pouille, Goffin
113. AussieAdz:        Rublev, Simon, Millman, Khachanov, Gasquet, Goffin
UNR. Crvena Zvezda:    Rublev, Simon, Millman, Khachanov, Gasquet, Tsonga
Day 5 - 60 points

 54. LHF:              Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, Gasquet, Dzumhur
 59. Lisandro:         Paire, Simon, Gasquet, Pouille, Dzumhur
 65. Himalaya:         Rublev, Simon, Millman, Khachanov, No Pick
Day 4 - 35 points

 40. PDK:              Rublev, Simon, Goffin, No Pick
 50. gux:              Rublev, Simon, Herbert, No Pick
 67. Stephatc:       Rublev, Simon, Bemelmans, No Pick
Day 3 - 15 points

 41. Joe H:            Rublev, Simon, Sugita
 57. dinkuplus:        Rublev, Simon, Sugita
 74. abollo:           Paire, Simon, No Pick
 90. cowgomoo239:      Paire, Simon, Brown
Day 2 - 5 points
1. Edy.:             Rublev, Gombos
 2. kondrashov:       Paire, Gombos
 3. CoolyBri:         Rublev, Gombos
 8. Waz:              Rublev, Gombos
 9. igmIGM:           Rublev, Gombos
 12. Tennis Passion:   Rublev, Gombos
 13. slazlo:           Paire, Gombos
 21. Björki:           Rublev, Gombos
 22. Martin12:         Rublev, Benneteau
 23. Markmik:          Paire, Benneteau
 26. Dr.Frankenfed:    Rublev, Benneteau
 27. EnriqueIG8:       Rublev, Tsitsipas
 28. FERNANDO CORDEIR: Rublev, Gombos
 31. RNW:              Rublev, Gombos
 39. Ezquiel Pereyra:  Paire, Gombos
 40. alejan_milos:     Rublev, Benneteau
 51. ostm89:           Paire, Gombos
 53. Big Gerva:        Rublev, Gombos
 55. Mark Lenders:     Rublev, Gombos
 66. peRFect85:        Rublev, Gombos
 70. jervisjames:      Paire, Tsitsipas
 71. Cazorla:          Rublev, No Pick
 87. vjatceslav:       Rublev, Benneteau
 96. Jungletiger9:     Rublev, Benneteau
100. BMT360:           Paire, Gombos
109. Aaron Kstein:     Rublev, Gombos
116. teamthiem:        Rublev, Gombos
117. Vonano:           Paire, Benneteau
128. aerosmash:        Rublev, Gombos
UNR. ICIA:             Rublev, Benneteau
UNR. nachotuerto:      Rublev, Benneteau
UNR. Peta Pan:         Rublev, No Pick
UNR. tverdoklev:       Paire, Tsitsipas
Day 1 - 1 point
46. Taz Warrior:      Zverev
102. Redkop:           Garcia-Lopez

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Under Construction

Order of Play

Day 7 / Sunday 11th February:
Play starts at 2:30pm local time

[5] Richard Gasquet [FRA] vs [2] Lucas Pouille [FRA]

Day 6 / Saturday 10th February:
Play starts at 3pm local time

[1] David Goffin [BEL] vs [5] Richard Gasquet [FRA]
[3] Jo-Wilfred Tsonga [FRA] vs [2] Lucas Pouille [FRA]

Day 5 / Friday 9th February:
Play starts at 2pm local time

[1] David Goffin [BEL] vs Karen Khachanov [RUS]
[4] Damir Dzumhur [BIH] vs [5] Richard Gasquet [FRA]
[6] Andrey Rublev [RUS] vs [3] Jo-Wilfred Tsonga [FRA]
Benoit Paire [FRA] vs [2] Lucas Pouille [FRA]

Day 4 / Thursday 8th February:
Play starts at 12 noon local time

Ricardas Berankis [LTU] vs Karen Khachanov [RUS]
Pierre-Hugues Herbert [FRA] vs [5] Richard Gasquet [FRA]
Nicolas Mahut [FRA] vs [3] Jo-Wilfred Tsonga [FRA]
[Q] Carlos Taberner [ESP] vs [2] Lucas Pouille [FRA]
John Millman [AUS] vs Benoit Paire [FRA]
[4] Damir Dzumhur vs Ruben Bemelmans [BEL]

Day 3 / Wednesday 7th February:
Play starts at 12 noon local time

[Q] Kenny De Schepper [FRA] vs Pierre-Hugues Herbert [FRA]
Dustin Brown [GER] vs Nicolas Mahut [FRA]
Daniil Medvedev [RUS] vs [5] Richard Gasquet [FRA]
[1] David Goffin [BEL] vs Gilles Simon [FRA]
[6] Andrey Rublev [RUS] vs Jeremy Chardy [FRA]
[8] Yuichi Sugita [JPN] vs John Millman [AUS]
Calvin Hemery [FRA] vs Ruben Bemelmans [BEL]

Day 2 / Tuesday 6th February:
Play starts at 12 noon local time

[Q] Carlos Taberner [ESP] vs [Q] Norbert Gombos [SVK]
Jeremy Chardy [FRA] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [GRE]
Ricardas Berankis [LTU] vs Julien Benneteau [FRA]
Gilles Simon [FRA] vs [Q] Yannick Maden [GER]
Karen Khachanov [RUS] vs [7] David Ferrer [ESP]

Day 1 / Monday 5th February:
Play starts at 7pm Local Time

Benoit Paire [FRA] vs Mischa Zverev [GER]
[6] Andrey Rublev [RUS] vs Guillermo Garcia-Lopez [ESP]

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Under Construction

This is my first time being Suicide Tennis manager so please be kind!

Any issues, please let me know via private message and I will do my best to fix them quickly for you.

Good luck to you all!

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Tuesday start?

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i see only 2 main draw matches tomorrow starting at 7 pm french time

paire vs m zverev
rublev vs garcia lopez

do we start mon with those or wait until tues?

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I haven't seen a rule that says that you need a minimum amount of matches for a day to count, but I am not sure either.
Can a board member, please, clarify?
@156mphserve @CoolyBri @dinkulpus @Litotes
Couldn't remember the actual rule:)unsure:) so I went and did some snooping, couldn't really find anything concrete except the initial suggestion that seemed to be implemented 6 years ago that we needed at least 2 matches on a Monday to start. I believe this was because if the guy who won made the final it would have been impossible to win. Granted if both guys who win make the final then it's impossible to win, but the odds of that are much less likely, and in this particular impossible since they're on the same side.

If one of the other board members can remember, or find something concrete saying that we need 3 or more we'd go with that, but based on what I can find then 2 matches is ok to start.
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Day 1
Pick: Rublev
BU: Paire

Som i Serem
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Day 1: Rublev
Backup: Paire
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