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why did I pay for premium
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Suicide Tennis - Doha

1. Each day of play you must pick 1 winner playing an ATP main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose, is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste your pick on Roddick or Federer to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. You have to submit your own pick, no one else can submit your pick for you.

4. Only in the case of a repeat pick, walkover or a withdrawal of your main pick, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurance of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identitified like this:
Back-Up Pick - Andy Roddick

Make it clear and try to do it all in one post

5. If you wish to participate, just write the word IN in this thread or just post your Day 1 pick in the correct time. New players are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Once the order of play with be released, it will be added IN THIS THREAD, right below, to facilitate your choices. Each day, this post will be updated with its respective order of play.

NOTE: You can't pick a player from a match scheduled for the previous day and postponed for the next due to rain or darkness! Choose only from the matches posted in the OOP here for the concrete day!

7. Picks will be aceptable until before the start of the FIRST match each day

8. The scoring system will be as follows:

Winning pick on Day 6 - 250
Winning pick on Day 5 - 175
Winning pick on Day 4 - 110
Winning pick on Day 3 - 70
Winning pick on Day 2 - 35
Winning pick on Day 1 - 5

9. This thread is not made to complain about format, points, etc. PMs work very well

If the board goes down as it happened before send your picks on my e-mail: [email protected]

why did I pay for premium
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Winning Pick on Day 6 - 250 points
TMJordan (Berrer, Tursunov, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)
ycpg (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)
muniu (Berrer, Kiefer, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)
Baghdatis72 (Berrer, Kiefer, Kohlschreiber, Ljubicic, Wawrinka, Murray)
kada starpiba (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)
Allez-Alejo (Berrer, Tursunov, Kohlschreiber, Ljubicic, Wawrinka, Murray)
keqtqiadv (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)
Mr Brightside (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Johansson, Ljubicic, Wawrinka, Murray)
ostm89 (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Johansson, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)
vamos israel (Berrer, Tursunov, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Wawrinka, Murray)

Winning Pick on Day 5 - 175 points
Black Raven (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Wawrinka, Davydenko, Murray, no pick available)
Dupuis2006 (Berrer, Kiefer, Murray, Ljubicic, Wawrinka, no pick available)
Gavnich77 (Santoro, Wawrinka, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Murray, no pick available)
MoiNonPlus (Berrer, Kiefer, Kohlschreiber, Ljubicic, Murray, no pick)
I♥[email protected]!c (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Murray, Wawrinka)
Kissing_Rain (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Murray, Wawrinka)
Peta Pan (Berrer, Kiefer, Johansson, Ljubicic, Murray, Wawrinka)
maldini (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Murray, Wawrinka)

Winning Pick on Day 4 - 110 points
leoneo (Berrer, Kiefer, Kohlschreiber, Wawrinka, Ljubicic)
FilipeMB (Berrer, Kiefer, Wawrinka, Ljubicic, Davydenko)
Labamba (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
qczi (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Wawrinka, Ljubicic)
Deck (Berrer, Tursunov, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
Regenbogen (Berrer, Wawrinka, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
greakingrat (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Davydenko, Murray, Ljubicic)
Frank Winkler (Berrer, Kiefer, Murray, Wawrinka, Ljubicic)
Kielian (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Wawrinka, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
hahaha7 (Volandri, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
sharas36 (Berrer, Wawrinka, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
TommyB. (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
JBdV (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Wawrinka, Ljubicic)
krystel (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
bavaria100 (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
Snoo Foo (Berrer, Kiefer, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
Björki (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
tennisfancroatia (Berrer, Tursunov, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
smit101 (Berrer, Kiefer, Johansson, Wawrinka, Ljubicic)
Chris_84 (Berrer, Kiefer, Kohlschreiber, Davydenko, Ljubicic)
ronim1 (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, Wawrinka, no pick)

Winning Pick on Day 3 - 70 points
propaganda (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Wawrinka, no pick)
KalleOnAir (Berrer, Schuettler, Kohlschreiber, no pick)
albop (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, no pick)
Foosimoo (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Kohlschreiber, no pick)

Winning Pick on Day 2 - 35 points
tiptopdaisy (Berrer, Tipsarevic, Lee)
Jirku (Santoro, Kiefer, no pick)
aussie_fan (Berrer, Tipsarevic, late pick)
Sheva (Berrer, Kiefer, no pick)

Winning Pick on Day 1 - 5 points
balloon (Kohlschreiber, Karlovic)
The Cat Lady (Berrer, Karlovic)
johnnyCanuck (Berrer, Pavel)
Puschkin (Berrer, Robredo)
thiaela (Berrer, no pick)
Alonsofz (Kohlschreiber, no pick)
zxcv (Kohlschreiber, no pick)
zveeen (Berrer, no pick)
AceMaker (Berrer, no pick)
diego36arg (Berrer, no pick)
Deathless Mortal (Berrer, no pick)
Fergie (Berrer, late pick)

Out with Nothing´
VaiBrasil (Hartfield)
Mara_M (Andreev)
scarecrows (no pick)
Machiavelli (no pick)
StatBoy3 (no pick)
mashamaniac (late pick)
kostas kastoria (no pick)
Bourne (no pick)

why did I pay for premium
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Day 6
Wawrinka vs Murray

Day 5
Ljubicic vs Wawrinka
Davydenko vs Murray

Day 4
Ljubicic vs Kohlschreiber
Johansson vs Murray
Tursunov vs Davydenko
Wawrinka vs Calleri

Day 3
Tipsarevic vs Ljubicic
Berrer vs Johansson
Kohlschreiber vs Volandri
Murray vs Schuettler
Kiefer vs Tursunov
C. Rochus vs Wawrinka
Davydenko vs Santoro
Lee vs Calleri

Day 2
Murray vs O. Rochus
Schuettler vs Pavel
Ventura vs Tipsarevic
Calleri vs Robredo
Wawrinka vs Martin
Davydenko vs Dorsch
Kiefer vs De Chaunac
Karlovic vs C. Rochus
Montanes vs Tursunov

Day 1
Johansson vs. Andreev
Seppi vs. Santoro
Ljubicic vs. Koubek
Hartfild vs. Volandri
Mirnyi vs. Lee
Kohlschreiber vs. Hernandez
Haji vs. Berrer

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