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How to play Suicide Japan:
- Go here to read the FAQ
- You have until beginning of match play to pick your player
- Pick one player per day (not per round) to win; if he wins, you are still in the game, if he loses, you are out
- If you pick a player who retires during matchplay or suddenly withdraws before a match, you are out
- If you pick a player whose match is rescheduled for the next day, your original pick still stands
- Once you pick a player you cannot pick him again for the rest of the tournament
- no doubles matches will be included in this game
- No changing your mind! Once you've picked a player, it sticks.
- Here's a tool to help you figure out time zones (Tokyo)
- VCASH AWARD FOR WINNER(S)!!! Starting with this tournament Bank of MTF is offering $1,500 vCash award to the winner. :yippee: addendum to prize made per Gravity; send all complaints to him
- in order to win this vcash pot, the winner(s) must have picked a player to win every day of the tournament; no sick/off days allowed. ;)
- Once the first day of play begins, no stragglers will be allowed in to play so get your picks in NOW
- Good luck and let's have fun :banana:

The complete draw for AIG Japan Open is attached below.

Centre Court - 10:00 AM

Tasuku Iwami vs Eric Taino

Court 1 - 10:00 AM
Marcos Baghdatis vs Janko Tipsarevic
Dmitry Tursunov vs Guillermo Garcia-Lopez

Not before 5:00 PM
Jan-Michael Gambill vs Peter Wessels

Court 3 - 10:00 AM
Stefan Koubek vs Bjorn Phau
Denis Gremelmayr vs Kevin Kim
Danai Udomchoke vs Roko Karanusic

Tangy - Iwami
Princesa! - Gambill
scythe19pro - Udomchoke
coreyschucky - Udomchoke
TennisPlayingFox - Koubek
JMG - Udomchoke
savestheday91 - Udomchoke
Volcanic Tennis - Karanusic (I sure hope he doesn't screw you over again VT :lol: )
PinkFeatherBoa - Udomchoke
ostm89 - Tursunov
Denaon - Phau
fabolous - Udomchoke
KalleOnAir - Iwami
1jackson2001 - Iwami (Jace, if you want to win this I would advise against following my lead :lol: ;)
keqtqiadv - Tipsarevic
Truc - Wessels
Debstah - Iwami (NO! you can't play cause I said so!!! oh too late :hug: and yeah, Taino blows, hence my pick. Now watch him win :lol: )
kalle - Wessels
Naldo - Koubek (good idea Naldo :wavey: I'm attaching the complete draw here)
bavaria100 - Wessels (you won't be a worse player than anyone else here :p )
nokidding - Udomchoke
surfpinky - Udomchoke
PaulieM - Udomchoke
bad gambler - Gremelmayr
Angle Queen - Baghdatis
renee_chin - Gremelmayr
SwissMister1 - Wessels
Ale10 - Taino
<Lt*Alonso*Cl> - Gambill
virex - Tursunov
Fergie - Gremelmayr
Escude - Udomchoke
Deck - Tursunov
LaTenista - Koubek
Grinder - Udomchoke
Bolar Bolabi - Udomchoke
mandoura - Tursunov
Lee - Udomchoke - Tursunov
stonkvflash - Gremelmayr
linus - Udomchoke


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This game seems to be fun so I will play.

My pick for day 1 is: Gambill
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Day 1: Stefan Koubek
I'll take Udomchoke.
Roko Karanusic.
He can't screw me twice in a row, right? :lol:
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i'll have udomchoke.
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this time i'll win for sure :dance:

and my first pick is udomchoke.
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Tasuku Iwami (following your lead, Tangy ;):silly: )

I'm gonna suck badly at this game. :lol:
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Can I play, tangy? :)

I pick Iwami.... I saw Taino in LA and he sorta blows :p
Tangy you should post the actual draw in your first post because it helps when you have an overview.;) Anyways I pick Koubek.
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I think I´m gonna suck big time at this game, but I´ll give it a try.

I take Wessels.
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