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It's been a surprise, after such a long time, to discover that blogs here were running again. I had given up the idea. I don't know if it's a good thing right now, but we'll see.

A long time passed since my last blog entry, but not much happened actually. I had a great time in Stuttgart. Met my fave players there, together with a special encounter with sir Thomas Muster in person, which was a huge dream for me. I met some friends again there like Eléa, Reiko, Maria. And added some new names to the list of acquaintances that I might meet again on other tennis events.

Work...well, what can be said apart from the fact that my boss has a new co-director who's a true bastard. That guy can be proud to have me cry in the middle of the yard, in front of the students, which is actually the very 1st time in a 12-year career. I ended up shedding tears on the shoulders of a colleague. Nobody at work can stand him. But we have no other choice than to "work" with him. Though I have to admit he's got no clue what this means.

I better stop here for now, as I wanted to post about my close family, and it made me too emotional at the moment. Might come back later.
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