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I am deeply aggrieved by United's performance last night. And, for a long time, I agree with what the pundits said after the match. Not one - NOT ONE of the boys wearing that blue kit last night can look Fergie in the eyes and says "Boss, I have done 100% out there. I've given my all."

I mean, what is this kind of attitude?! After so many different teams I've gone through since I've started being a supporter of United's, I have NEVER seen such a team. Talented players with lacklustre kind of attitude. I think everyone should re-evaluate themselves, and see if they deserve to wear that United crest on their chest, because they certainly didn't look like they care last night.

Has Fergie lost it? No. Has the players lost it? Yes.

It got to a point last night, where it felt so numb - the defeat. It wasn't humiliating or hurtful like the defeat to City a couple of seasons ago. I don't know if it's a case of being accustomed to lacklustre performances like that? Or - I don't know... It's just so *whatever*

At times like these, when you seriously need the few players with that driving force and passion for the game itself, they're still out injured. :sad:

If I were Sir Alex, I'd fire them all right there, right then. :mad:

And, talk about an 'anti-climax'! At the dying minutes, into injury time, Cristiano Ronaldo scored - what happens to be United's 1000th Premiership goal AND the first club to score a 1000 premiership goal. :( Such a significant milestone, only to 'happen' to a complete silence.
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