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Did you ever meet someone who starts yelling at you for no reason? :rolleyes: surely you did. That's what happened in class today.

The lawyer arrived late, and so we were all chatting when he arrived and no one noticed him. He sat down and started talking. The class had begun! But half of the class still hadn't heard him and he wasn't using the microphone. A girl asked him if he could use it and he said: you could all hear me if you would shut up.


Nice. So this time everyone has seen him and we were starting taking notes. But a few people were still entering the class (not our fault, we had the election of student representatives today) which causes more noises and another person (who had arrived after the first girl had asked) asked him again if he could use the mic.

And oh my god. Apparently in his culture (the one of people who fell of their bed on the wrong side :fiery: ) asking to use the mic so that we could all hear him well is like insulting his mother and cursing his whole family on at least 15 generations.

He started yelling at us, saying we had to shut up, that he had been teaching this lesson for 15 years and everytime he did the same (without the mic) and it wasn't his problem if us, the 2006 prom, were stupid kids not listening to him. (how much do you bet he told that to the 2005 prom? and the 2004 prom?.... and the 1992 prom? :rolleyes: pffff)

Anyway, a girl started speaking loud, saying he should better calm down, that no one was here to assault him, that we all came to hear him and so there was no reason to act like that. To which he replied something I don't remember (probably something stupid). Then a friend, Vanessa, sitting at the very extreme side of my row, started to shout at him and even said 'Tu' instead of 'Vous' when she told him "we're here to listen to you, we're just asking if you can use the mic, no need to yell at us. enough now!" :mad:

Finally some guy calmed them down, and we continued. Without the mic. For 6 hours. :retard: Vanessa left at noon and never came back. As for myself, i came back but didn't listen to him during the whole afternoon. :eek:

Then today I called the solicitor's office which had sent me a mail last week. The secretary couldn't find a moment for a meeting. She proposed moments only when i have classes (and they're so -ridiculously- strict at school regarding absence :awww: ). She said the solicitor would call me in person. Then she called again and left a message asking if an interview would be ok on April 18th... Hell no! :smash: it's no ok. This week of April i'll have exams, plus i finish school on april 21st and then need to start my internship. I can't meet the guy on April 18th, if he says no for the internship i'll have no internship and school won't be able to help me find one in such a short period. :scared:

I have to call her back tomorrow. I'll see if i can see the guy this week or next week on a morning/afternoon i have classes. Will explain it all to school. No other solution it seems. :unsure:

The reason I couldn't answer my phone and she left me a message is that in Versailles there were no trains to La Défense tonight. A rail broke, and 2 ppl committed suicide :awww:
So no train. I had to go to Paris (my transport card isn't valid further than La Défense, so i was in fraud :eek:), and then take my usual train to home. Lost something like 45 minutes in the process. And missed that fucking phone call.

Great day, huh? :rolleyes:

Oh on a lighter (and more positive) note, I've finally decided to go to the diner-cocktail that our association of students organizes on Friday in the famous nightclub in Paris. Paid my 25 euros. Emilie (girl from English group) and I will go directly to the club after our English class. Well, after we changed clothes, put some make-up, and did our hair at school at night. :cool: LOL
:woohoo: for me socializing!

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