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I've been in a weird mood since yesterday evening (but it's not as bad as before), so I'm warning you beforehand!

Footnotes in particular are making my life miserable at the moment, I understand why we need them, but it's not fair that you have to be so very careful not to take a piece of information and forget to put the reference in your work! Meh!

I still need about 10 songs for in my top 100 for 2006! So I'm really hoping that some of my fave bands will bring out singles at the last moment so I can add those! I gotta say that my list looks pretty good already, but some changes still need to be made! Which reminds me, I should make a top 10/20/... of my favourite songs ever! Might be bery interesting!

I fucking hate msn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :fiery: :sad: :sobbing: :hysteric: but I can't do without it so I will just have to keep on suffering!

My plan is still working!

Me and the lovely Corinna have been exchanging some mails! She's been really busy and doesn't have time to do anything! Poor thing! :hug:

Continued: interruptions are not nice! :(

Msn still sucks more!

And I can't think of anything more!

See ya around!
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