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There's a lot that I can't talk about in this blog because I wouldn't feel totally comfortable talking about other people's personal business (such a tease:p). A lot has happened since my last blog.. but my hip still isn't 100%, although I certainly feel like it's getting there:)

So what can I say to the many millions of people who no doubt read my blogs (all 3 of them) fanatically? I can drop hints. Dr. Phil says that ``kids would much rather come from a `broken home` than live in one``, at 19 I'm not sure that I still qualify as a kid but soon enough I should be able to pass judgment on his comment ;).. I hope no one from my family reads this blog :lol: And yeah that's right, I quoted Dr. Phil :eek:

I kinda think that smilies can be overused in blogs, don't you :confused::confused:

All 3 of my pets are thankfully still alive despite the seeming dislike between Holly and Fred. However Holly did manage to get hold of a blue-tit chick which had just fled the nest and was spending the day with it's family in our garden, she let the chick go unharmed and the parents fed it at the next opportunity but unfortunately 3 of the chicks did die - I truly hope that 1 or two of their siblings are still around. I won't say exactly how Holly was presented with this opportunity (more controversy :eek:) but it was down to human-error - once again human-error makes wild animals suffer! :sad:
Many birds of different species have nested in our garden down the years and I'd love this to continue!

About 12 hours ago Lleyton Hewitt lost a great 5 setter to David Ferrer. I was sad that he lost but very proud of his performance.

Anyhow I'll try and keep this blog short enough so I'll sign off with 15 random things about me from the `15 random things about me` thread -
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