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As some of you may know, I finished my study in June last year and got my Master in Law. And I decided to study one year more. Doing a postgraduate study in Law and Management about new technology of information and communication.
It's started today. It was a presentation of the study. It really sounds nice and exciting but lots of work.
We are around 20-25 people to do this postgraduate study. Most of us has a different background (different study, foreign students,...). I only knew 2 students and I trully didn't expect to see them here :lol: It's 2 canadians girls who come from Montreal and who are here as an exchange student. :D Last winter, when I was in Montreal, I got a lecture with them. So funny to see them here now :lol:
For the records, with this postgraduate study, it's possible to study during the winter term abroad...Among other...MONTREAL!!!!! :cool: :lol:
But there is no way I'm going back there for the winter term :sad: Because there is no grant allowed...So you need to pay everything by yourself... Food, renting an appartment, plane ticket and all... The only things you don't need to pay is for following the lectures in the uni.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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