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i'm full of bad energy today, in fact yesterday my sweet Lovely started to stress me about the RG tickets and it was hard for me to sleep well.
this morning when i woke up the only one i wanted was: finding a solution for RG.

Tickets reservation is crappy: you can book on the net but not more than 2 days by person, and until 4 tickets per day. And i needed 1 tocket for 5 days !!! So i need to book them with 3 different names :lol: but guess what? you can't pay with the same credit card twice! We had discovered that yesterday and my friend was sure it will erased our booking. moreover, you can't buy tickets for a big court at the venue for the first rounds. So it was psychosis! but in fact i called the hotline and they relieved me, it might be more difficult but i will have my tickets whatever it'll happen. But maybe i will have to call them back if my card is rejected the second or third time and they will have some things to do with their computer but my booking will be all right and i will receive my tickets.
I'm relieved but still too energetic and stressed.. Even, that i'm at work for 1 hour and i've already done all my work for the afternoon :lol:
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