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Andy stepping up for charity.

Andy Roddick Sends Aid To Hurricane Victims
By Lucy Flory

The Andy Roddick Foundation is pleased to announce that Andy Roddick has personally selected the McCormick Tribune Foundation's Special Hurricane Relief Campaign to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The $50,000 donation will be used to support organization providing for food, shelter, health care and other basic necessities for the victims.

Hurricane Katrina, which hit Louisiana the 29th of August has left much devastation in its wake. The people there are in great need of support which is why the McCormick Tribune Foundation initiated its campaign. In total, so far, the McCormick Tribune Foundation, based in Chicago, has raised more than 5.5 million. One hundred percent of all money donated will support disaster relief organizations that money to disaster relief organizations, the aid will be both short and long term, for children and communities affected by the hurricane.

To further increase donations, the McCormick Tribune Foundation will match the first $2 million donated at 50 cents on the dollar. They are working intensely with local agencies, in the south and south east, that will help hurricane victims meet basic human needs.

In light of the Hurricane disaster, Andy Roddick recently stated, "I think we all need to realize how lucky we are to be healthy. I truly feel blessed. It makes our day to day problems seem rightfully petty. I also love how our country reacts to adversity, and we all truly become one to help in the fight."

The motto of the Andy Roddick Foundation is to "help children today for tomorrow." By donating to the McCormick Tribune Foundation, this goal will certainly be achieved.

For more information about the Andy Roddick Foundation, please visit To read more about the McCormick Tribune Foundation Relief Campaign, please go to

For More Information: Contact Doris Porter at The Andy Roddick Foundation at 561-620-9449.
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