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Stefan Edberg - very recent photos

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Stefan Edberg appeared in New England on 7/16 and
7/17 in an exhibition to raise fund for the Gullikson
I was lucky to be there and posted a writeup and
photos at this site:
Stefan is looking great and seems very happy.
He is still playing tennis at a very high level,
but has no plan to play on the Champions tour.
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Thanks a lot!!

Great to have some fresh news.

You did well with the report and pictures, you lucky one. ;)

Thanks for sharing. :cool:

(the pdf format is slow takes a while to appear but it's worth it)
TryfonTournesol wrote, regarding the report and photos I filed, from Stefan Edberg's recent appearance in the U.S.:

>Great to have some fresh news.
I know how painful it is to have no news about Edberg, believe me. That's why I set up a site to collect any tidbits of news at all. Appreciate it if you will take a look.

>You did well with the report and pictures, you lucky one.
Many thanks. It's easy to do a good job when you have good material, as they say.

>Thanks for sharing.
You are very welcome. I would appreciate it if you will and other Edberg fans willspread the word to others who may be interested about the page, which is
I may only be able to keep the material online for about a month.

>(the pdf format is slow takes a while to appear but it's worth it)

Yes- I want to protect my copyright to the material, hence the PDF format - thanks for your understanding.

M. L.
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thanx Edhead :)

great pics

i wish someone can persuade him to play again
The BoiledEgg wrote:
> i wish someone can persuade him (Edberg) to play again

I understand. I ask Edberg directly if he will play on the Champions Tour and, even before I finished my question, he was shaking his head and said no. In a recent Swedish article, this is what he said (translated from Swedish) - It’s nice to just cut all connections. The tennis had always been the focus in my life.
If I were to play the veteran tour I would have to practise a lot to be able to play on a good level."
From what I saw of him in New England, Stefan is happy with his life now (he said so to jounalists). There is no reason for him to go public again, unfortunately.
He did say that he may play an exhibition in Fall. I shoud but didn't ask him directly - I think he was referring to a benefit event that he has played in the past two Novemebers for a tennis club called the Kalmar Tennisklubb ( in Sweden - he played Vicent Viciguera there in 2000 and Magnus Larson in 2001.

This past April he was also supposed to appear in an exhibition in Stockholm with Boris Becker to raise fund for the Stefan Edberg Foundation. Tickets were sold but the event was abruptly cancelled. I asked Stefan about it and he said that the arrangement just didn't work out and they may try again.

As you can tell, I am a big Edberg fan and maintain a page where I collect tidbits of Stefan news gotten from the web or elsewhere, the URL is: If I learn of any future Edberg appearances, I will certainly post the announement on that site, as I did with the Cape Cod event.

M. L.
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"Stefan Edberg comes to New England"

The online tennis magazine, "On the Line", has
kindly posted a long version of my article
"Stefan Edberg comes to New England".
It is now viewable at:
It is in HTML, and so downloading should not be a problem.

The article has more description and photos of an exhibition
event, held last month on Cape Cod, in which Stefan Edberg
appeared. It includes a brief interview of Edberg by the
author (me :).
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article URL

Sorry - the link given in my previous post doesn't work, becaue of the period tagged on at the end - please try this:
for the HTML article on Edberg's appearance in New England.

"Thank you" to those who responded, and, yes, Stefan Edberg is kind, nice, courteous, and his game is as graceful as ever. At the event, he signed everything and had photos taken by anyone who asked. You cannot imagine a more unassuming tennis player who has accomplished so much. He has not changed a bit and is as self-assured as ever.

I don't think he knows how much that he is missed.
M. L.
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