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Even before he won his first Grand Slam title in AO 2014, Stan actually had so many notable events that were not done by other players. He's such an interesting character, and some of them concerns him being part of Swiss Tennis. Some notable sport moments include:

1. Winning an Olympic Gold Medal

It was great having the moment to beat the best in doubles in the Olympics partnering with one of the best of all-time.

2. First User of the Center Court Roof At Wimbledon

It was said that he and Murray used the roof at the Center Court for the first time at Wimbledon. It's kind of cool for him to experience playing as late as 10 PM local time, although I wonder why they took that long to play. :lol:

3. Carrying the Swiss flag during the 2012 Olympics

One notable sport moment that he had was carrying the flag for the 2012 Olympics. It was said that Fed was the original bearer, but he ceded the responsibility to Stan. It sure is a great moment to lead the country's contingents for the Olympics. Who knew there were still more big things to come.

4. Participated in the Longest Official Doubles Match in History

Of course we know of the legendary Isner-Mahut match, but Stan also had a piece of record breaking history (with Chiudinelli), being part of a Davis Cup tie that lasted for 7 hours and 2 minutes, making it the 2nd longest match (both singles and doubles) in ATP history. He might have lost that, but it seems it really fueled his desire more, and I think this is where he got his tattoo after, reminding him that losing isn't the end of the world.

5. Became the First non-Big Four Player Since Del Potro to Win A Grand Slam

At the time where it seems only four players are the main contenders for the big title, for Stan winning a Slam seems to be a dream. However, he somehow find that special something, that will that he won't lose again to Djokovic after many close encounters, and he did it! He followed up with a clutch performance against Berdych then tried to stay in the moment against Nadal. It was a very unexpected yet at the same time a sort of wonderful close to his 2013 streamline that started with the storyline with the match against Djokovic at the AO 2013, then finishing it with the big title.

6. Helped Switzerland -- and Federer -- win Davis Cup

While Davis Cup is a different kind of achievement that Federer probably doesn't need to prove to be one of the best, the fact that Djokovic and Nadal had it kind of gives him a missing "advantage" on his career over them. However, in 2014 Federer finally decided to really participate on it for a whole season again, with Stan proving himself as a big champion, shows that they would now have a solid chance winning against the other teams. While Stan struggled in the Quarterfinals, he did well to carry the weight in the Finals as Federer had an injury from his match against him during the WTF, playing a solid performance against Tsonga, and finally in doubles against Benneteau/Gasquet. Seeing him lift the trophy with the other guys is such joy to see.

7. Winning the French Open

Stan sure had a very up and down 2015. He started well with titles in Chennai and a Semis at the AO, then followed up by a title in Rotterdam (his first indoor title). However, he started to falter, not being able to win back-to-back matches, until he won matches in Rome. After a rough spell, his momentum from Rome carried on, and gave up probably one of the most impressive finals performances everyone has seen, and has shown that his impressive runs weren't a fluke.

What are your Stan Milestones and Memories that you remember?

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Monte Carlo was great. It showed every one that he was not a fluke, and he was here to stay :D

Another nice fact is that by winning the French Open he has qualified for his 3rd consecutive world tour finals. He is very inconsistent, but it's nice to know he always has the ability to be the best, and he's made the semis for the last two years
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