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So today was pretty good, some interesting things happened today.... So hard to read ppl sometimes, and their motives. Today I decided will be dedicated to Spring 2006 collections.

Funny thing about the collections were that the colors were not exactly what you call springlike but I suspect that was the point.

Lets start with Louis Vuitton, when I first started looking at this, I didnt really like it all that much. The more I saw though, the more I liked it. Marc Jacobs did a great job.

love this jacket! so cute

Whats Louis Vuitton without the bags. The bag is the real reason that im posting this pic. Animal print can be so gaudy, but this is perfect.

The jacket is so amazing, love the bag too.

This is totally gonna be the new it bag. Hope it doesnt get overdone tho.

Moving on to Lacoste. This is totally springy, flirty and fun. Makes you think of white sheets billowin in the wind.

These shorts are soo cute... tho id be worried bout gettin them dirty. Glad to see that shorts are stayin the length they were last season.

I like the way the way the bagginess of the sweater is paired with the shortness of the shorts. I however havent quite mastered the art of proportions, so im not sure how id wear this.

Love this...not sure where youd wear it tho.

Ok on to Rebecca Taylor, very feminine and kinda old fashioned, but still modern and sophisticated.

Not really my type of shirt, but strangely I really like it. Pants are very cool, I like the way they flow.

Im completely in love with this dress. sooo not my style, but I really want it.

I absolutely adore Michael Kors. Love this. I still want his bag from last season that I couldnt get.


Caroline Herrera
I am in love with this whole outfit. You get the feeling tho that these shorts should be worn by really tall girls, not by ppl who are only 5'2 maybe if I wear heels.

Ok thats it for now, maybe ill post more pics later. Maybe some more Michael Kors...
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