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Yes, for once, I'm going to blog about something 'important' :)

As far as I can remember, the debate has always been going, more so when there are controversial incidents, where the decision could've gone the other way - match altering situations, most noticably.

The 'old school' type would prefer things to stay where they are. I can truly understand that. Mistakes, controversials are what makes sports interesting and exciting, aside from some other more positive aspects. Diversiy is what brings supporters closer - that's what drives sportsmen. There's always this "Me/Us against the world" thing, that creates all the fuss. If you're dominating, you're well-liked, there are bound to be another gang of "anyone but ..."

But, there's no denying that the world is changing now. Sportspeople earn big money - and huge sum of money is involved in almost all aspects of the games now. True, if you're a true athelete, it's never the money that's the driving force. But for business people who runs sports, that's always a huge factor - especially team sports. Without money, how can a team/club survive?

The EPL has once against suffered from silly, stupid mistakes that could've been put right if technology has been utilized, this last weekend. At times like this, there's calls for drastic measures, pleas for implementation of technology into the sports. But, it's these same bunch of people (almost) that claimed that introducing video technology would disrupt the flow of the beautiful game.
But, once there's a debatable call, both sides of players (and sometimes, managers) would be keen to have their say to the ref, sometimes causing more chaos than it should've in the first place, and it takes up to minutes to finally let the dust settle. Should video technology be implemented, 4th official on the touch-line would've been watching the match - check the call on a couple of replays (from different angles), let the ref knows what did happen, decision's made in under a minute.

I am not saying that every little decision needs to be checked and confirmed by technology. Match altering decisions, sending offs, goal disallowed - those situations should be made sure it's 100% correct. Goals means results - means points - means a matter of winning the league or relegation - which, at the end of the day, determines how much money is earned by the club.
Supporters - I don't think any supporter would like to watch a match and know that we should've won, except for a dubious decision. How long can anyone stand injustice?

As an engineer, I can truly say, we employ technology NOT to replace human beings, but to aid them.

What I couldn't understand is why a low enough margin of error is still deemed unacceptable, but human mistakes are still tolerable.
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