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But I have to let you go through another rant again.

So I got feedback from my assistant on my draft I sent in a week ago. About time, too. It wasn't good though. He also said I was being too vague about my subject. Haha. I have to write 3 500 words about (what?) subject in 2 weeks. Hurray!

The other work is not going well at all. I have the feeling I work on it so much and that I just don't get any result.

I haven't felt good all day either. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, pf.

The phone has been ringing all day and it's driving me crazy.

My grandad called, saying my grandma fell again, and that she couldn't walk anymore. 2 years ago she fell too and broke her hip. The doctor just said that she didn't break anything this time, but still, it was quite a shock to me.

Comfort me :sad:
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