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Certain people annoy the hell out of me. I'm not speaking of somebody on MTF, but about somebody who used to be a friend of mine. He has a really ... special personality and there are very few people who like him. I broke contact with him and his girlfriend about a year and a half - two years ago, and he never really accepted it. I did it because every time I was around him, I felt really uncomfortable and when that happens you know there is something not right.

The week before the Easter Holidays, his girlfriend, who used to be one of my best friends, broke up with him. I was pleased for her to hear that, because she's so much better off without him.
Now, we renewed acquaintance lol and we are chatting again. The boy has been a jerk to her: he has been blackmailing emotionally her by saying he'd kill himself if she left him alone. The problem is that he found out we are talking to each other again. He just can't grasp why I want to talk to her and why I don't want to see him. He sent me a mail again, blaming me of being a coward for never returning his emails or his questions about why I didn't want to be friends anymore. Aren't I clear enough by just disappearing? Maybe it does sound like I am a coward, but believe me, he is not the easiest person to deal with and I rather did it like this than if it would have been in the open and if there would have been fights. And I know I would have lost the fight anyway.

*sigh* I don't know what to do. He won't leave me alone either way. Should I send him an email back explaining why? I don't know. He just doesn't know what he put me through every time we did something together. I know I'm better off without him because sometimes he just broke me down emotionally.

I hope that made sense because I'm writing this at almost 1 am lol and it was mostly for myself to order my thoughts.
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