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I hate how scheduling are done - TV schedules, match schedules.

OK - I understand that football draws more audience than tennis does, in this part of the world. I'm fine with that, and the Champion's League is a big thing. I can't say that I'm surprised that they choose to broadcast the ECL over the Miami AMS. All I'm asking is that scheduling be made more sensible. What's the point of showing the same preview/review on 2 channels, simultaneously? It just makes no sense to me at all.

And, someone please define for me what does it mean by "same day delay"... It eludes me why the broadcasters wouldn't want to broadcast a delay match/show at the earliest possible time-slot, but show repeats after repeats of show that has been shown more than once before the "same day delay" is shown, at the convenient time of past midnight.

I do not understand how broadcasting works - so if someone can enlighten me, please do. Otherwise, I'll continue to live in this frustration. :(
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