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I'm coming back to my blog with a broken heart...I don't think I need to explain why...everybody knows it! MARAT LOST! AGAIN!!! :hysteric:
This has become such an obssesive phrase. I hate saying it, I hate hearing it, I hate writing it! But whatever I do, it follows me everywhere! :sad:
The match was pure torture. TORTURE from the begining to the end. I am left without any energy. Marat managed to drain it all. The match was...OMG...I just can't believe he lost! :crying2: There is no God! 'cause if he were real, he woulnd't have done this to us! :sobbing:
Throught the whole match I have gone from extasy to agony, only to find myself in agony in the end, together with a few other million Marat Safin fans and the whole Phillipe Chatrier court from RG.
The first 2 sets Marat played such beautiful tennis. I was so delighted and happy to see him play so great. But the middle of the third set, when he lost his serve, he lost his head too. Something bad happened with his mind. God, why does he have to be such a perfectionist??? Because that is why he loses a lot of matches. He wants to play perfect and he can't do it all the time! :sad: Then, he lost the next 2 sets...the last one though, was the most torturing. Actually, I'd say that was what really finished me! :bigcry:
Seeing him lose was so hard. It just broke my heart. I wish I'd wake up and find out that it was all just a bad dream. But unfortunately I tried, and guess what, it doesn't work! :silly: So, it is all real. HE LOST!!! :sobbing: God damn it! :explode:
At the end of the match I was in tears...of sadness and anger, all together! This match topped a f**king great week! And I am also out of chocolate! :banghead: Another great timing. :rolleyes: My optimism has also dried up...:scared: But it only needs one win from Marat and it will go back to high levels!
I am afraid that my delight in watching RG is pretty much over! Oh well, at least now I have time to focus on my exams. Thank you Marat for your consideration towrds my grades. :rolleyes: You shouldn't have, really... :lol:
But of course that this loss doesn't mean I will stop loving and cheering for him. NO WAY!!! That will never happen, even though he will never win another match again ( don't worry that ain't gonna happen :p )!
Oh and now I remembered Peter's face. He was so... :sad: and :banghead: in the same time. As my friend Alekutza said, if I were Peter I'd punish Marat. I'd take out a scissors and...:devil: bye-bye long curly, unlucky hair!!! :haha:
Oh well, the season is far from over! Grass season is coming up. Oh yey...:rolleyes: I am so looking forward to that. Marat must be anxious too! :lol:
I've lost my faith in God, but I still trust my Marat!!! ;) "Love, peace, tennis!" DAVAI!!!! :bounce:
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