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hmm yeah so i haven't posted one of these in ages, and i don't really have all that much to say, but i'm in the library pretending to study and this is just as good a way to procrastinate as any. today was the last day of classes for the year, and in about 2 weeks finals will be over and hopefully i'll be alive and finally be able to move out of the library and enjoy my summer. then i'll be a junior, only two more years till i have to live in the real world. :scared: not really sure what i'm going to be doing for the summer yet, looking for a job of course and perhaps taking some summer classes (a decision i'm sure i'll live to regret), and maybe even finally getting my license. :tape:
question of the day(or rather my whole life): why oh why do i have totally nonexistent time management and organizational skills????
biggest lesson of the semester: check the online course review so that you don't end up stuck in a ridiculously hard class that you hate with a passion. oh and if you're going to take 5 classes, don't take 5 really hard ones. :retard:
it sucks not having tennis on tv(although then i'd do even less studying :scared: ), DIE ESPN!!:mad:
i suck at atp fantasy tennis :eek:

Good Luck Rogi!:)

peace out.
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