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Hunter funeral details announced

Paul Hunter was only 27 when he died of cancer

The funeral of Paul Hunter, who lost his battle with cancer on Monday, will take place at Leeds Parish Church on Thursday 19 October at 1400 BST.

His coffin will lie in wait for two days prior to the service and a book of condolence will be available to sign.

Anyone wishing to donate to Paul's chosen charity should send cheques made payable to The Net Patient Foundation or Kirkwood Hospice to:
Paul Hunter Snooker, C/O 13 Poolcroft, Sale, Cheshire M33 2LF.
Highlights: Hunter's three Masters victories

He was also the absolute love of my life, a totally devoted father and he will always mean everything to us
Lindsey Hunter

Paul's wife Lindsey said in a statement: "I would very much like to express my heartfelt thanks to all our family, friends, Paul's fellow professionals, fans and the media for their incredible support since we lost Paul.

"It is an enormous source of comfort to me, and further evidence too that Paul was a very, very special person indeed.

"He was also the absolute love of my life, a totally devoted father to our beautiful daughter Evie, and he will always mean everything to us.

"I hope you will understand that I do not wish to say any more until after his funeral has taken place, and I kindly request you allow us to grieve in peace and privacy." Hunter, who would have been 28 on Saturday, won the Masters three-times and was tipped as a future world champion. He was diagnosed with dozens of neuro endocrine tumours on the lining of his stomach in March 2005 but continued to compete professionally despite his illness.
He'll be buried on my birthday...:awww::sad:
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