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i'm just really.... really... *sigh* i can't think of the right word. i can barely sit still for 10 minutes tonight much less carry a thought for more then 5 minutes. Been like this all night too. Best part is my boredom led me to look up my credit report only to find out that my ex's credit cards are listed on my account and are fucking up my credit score. oh yea! So i sat down a file a credit dispute. fun times *sigh* i just hope that the credit card doesn't come after me cuz it looks like he defaulted on the one card.

Not looking forward to tomorrow either. I know it is going to be crazy at work. Only good thing is i should be able to spend the day hiding in the backroom. I wish i knew were my Bah Humbug! shirt was, i need it for tomorrow lol

Good news is my boredom lead me to an old pair of khakis that Grandma bought me in 1997 that fit :) I think i'll save them for when i go to the floor, they don't have enough pockets for me to store all my stuff i need for logistics lol

I'll add this little tidbit in from Tuesday...

boy oh boy was Jeff in a flirty mood tonight :devil: When he walked into the backroom he was actually in a bad mood but after he clicked on the computer for a few minutes he decided to be in a good mood anyway (he often does this, he is overly aware of how his, or anyone's, bad mood can be contagious and bring down the whole group)

so he started showing off, teasing me, lots of smartass comments, etc. Odd thing is he did all of this in front of Kristin :eek: normally he only does this in private, but i guess he either doesn't care if she knows or knows that we are friends and that i'm going to tell her anyway :shrug:

it was nice to have sweet, dorky, flirty Jeff back :) i missed him
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