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So i was going to comment you back JG but thought i'd just write a new entry (since we both enjoy that so much :p)

Actually i don't think i understood your question even when you corrected it :lol: Ummm like how far is my uni from my home? It's not that far, i guess like 45 mins commute. It's a bit annoying because i gotta take the tube and it's during rush hour so it's a bit lame but nothing can really be done about that. The only way i could avoid that would be living nearer the place, and the rent there would push me into serious debt issues :p And we can't be having that so this'll have to do.

The last of my really close friends who is going to uni out of london is leaving tomorrow morning. She's off to Bristol *sob* We went to a leaving lunch for her at this cute italian place, and it was lovely. I'm going to miss her sooooo much it's insane. I guess i know that all my good friends now are going to make tight bonds with the people they meet at uni, it's bound to happen, but i just hope we can still hang out. They're a stellar bunch of people and i love them dearly. I will do everything in my power to keep in contact with them and i don't just mean the odd birthday card or whatever.

I had a really weird time last night. It was reaaaaaaaally fun but so emotional. Gah. I don't think i've ever felt so torn between two emotions. I was thrilled by enrolment at uni, so much new stuff/people/environment. So exciting and overwhelming. And i saw some friends from my 6th form out in central and we went out for dinner in Euston. It was all very cute. I overheard a conversation between the guy i like and my friend talking about how he likes a friend of mine. Whoa. Way to ruin a day. I don't why it was so bad, i think it was because i knew he liked me a couple weeks before (and people call me fickle?!?) and now it's like uhhhh...okay, whatev. I saw him today and i was fine. I'm proud of me! You should be too :p Yeah so i don't think i explained it well. It was a whole thing. Anywho my lovelies, must dash!!!

Love to you all xxxxxxxx
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