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Andre in Shanghai

Since Agassi is guaranteed into Shanghai

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Because there are no "surprise" GS winners like Gaudio in 2004, How do you guys think he will do? As important as the Grand Slams are, the 1990 ATP Year End Singles champion, was his first "big time" title
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He won't play.
It's hard to take anything out of Agassi's form in this tournament, he beat some good players but also was spotty, I think a lot of stars aligned for him to get to the final, but still I think his form is good enough to defeat 90% of the players out there. In big matches he can come through, if Safin and Hewitt won't go then a couple of the clay courters will fill in and those are guaranteed wins. In such a scenerio, I see him making the semis (if he meets Rogi) or the final since Hewitt, Roddick and Nadal are favourable matchups for him.
If he withdraws from Madrid, he won't go
With his back/nerve problem, I don't think he will play any matches after this USO. At 2002, he merely showed up in Shanghai and packed his bag after 2 matches, didn't even bother to finish the last in RR.
I'm not sure if he will go or not. I'm not sure what he wants to do for next year. If he does stay healthy, he is better than just about everybody on tour on a hardcourt and would bea tough out at the AO next year.
He'll rest for the AO.
This could be his last year-end championship. Who knows what form he could have next year so I think he will go. And the new stadium is a plus.
Is he guaranteed? Who else is guaranteed and how many spots are open?
I know Fed and Rafa are mathematically gauranteed. Don't think anyone else is.
Safin is guaranteed if he is fit enough to take his place.
Tennis Fool said:
Is he guaranteed? Who else is guaranteed and how many spots are open?
He'd have to be after making the USO final.

The 2005 Shanghai "safe list" (withdrawals and injuries nonwithstanding)

Fed and Nadal cause they're 1 and 2
Safin because he won AO
Hewitt because he has a AO and Indian Wells final and 2 GS semis
Roddick for his Wimbledon and Cincy final and AO semi
Agassi for F in US Open and Montreal, Semis in Miami and Rome

Davydenko and Coria's spots aren't safe yet as of right now even though no one behind them won a GS this year.
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