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The ATP players in basketball thread got me thinking. Who are some athletes that share the same traits yet they play different sports? I will use sports I am most familiar with. Feel free too jump in and add athletes that are in the same mold in other sports and create your own category.

The Outside of the Box thinkers.

These athletes think differently about their sport. Always creating a new way to get the same job done. Their opponenst are often thrown and are confused as to how the stop the uniqueness. These athletes are almost always good for their sport and always fun to watch. (I am comparing their styles, not their success in their respective sports, so you may see some athletes who are great and some who are less than great)


Alexander Dolgopolov. Has a wide array of unique shots that keeps all his opponents guessing. He does not follow the conventional rules of tennis strategy.(which can be bad sometimes). Unique player.


Eljero Elia. Admittedly I have not seen a ton of Elia but everytime I see him play he is doing something creative and something that I had not quite seen before.

American Football:

Dexter McCluster: Now with the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. He is a very unique running back. Maybe he has to be because of his petite size. I have seen him make some ridiculous jukes and cuts that any RB would be proud of. He has the unique forward and back juke that I have not seen any RB execute with the same effectiveness.


Rajan Rondo. Comes up with insane passes that no other player would consider. His amazing ball-handling skill is helped by his large hands and live arms. Not a great scorer but helps his team through his incredible ability to pinpoint a pass to any location of the court at any time. Was once the "other" player on the Celtics team after the Big Three, but quickly became the most vital player on the whole team.

what do you think? Are there some others that would fit into this category? Also what are some other comparisons between athletes of different sports that you can think of?
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