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my neck still hurts TD :awww: i had a full day today :awww:
i staied late last night watching 8 MM with nicholas cage and joaquin phoenix. really good movie,surprisingly :tape: and i woke up pretty early cuz i went to my mother's friend english teacher to tell me how crap i am. she gave me some tests,i did very well ( :smoke: ) and i was feeling to :nerner: mum :lol:. btw the woman stays at ej 11 of a block of 14 ejs :tape: can you imagine the elevator to broke :lol:?"honey,go buy a bread" "oh baby,i won't go up and down 11 ej for your bread"
after that i went to my english teacher god mother to ask her if she can help me :) i never noticed what a cute (nice i knew he is) guy is her son :) i wish i was closer to him,he really is a nice guy:)
the to the doctors,she gave me a recepie and mum now needs to run to find them :rolleyes: stupid country :rolleyes:
then to my cousin's doctor. geez,how to be called antigona chakatacka (or smthing like that :lol: ) :rolleyes: ? and she's :cuckoo:
pick up sis from kindergarten .
home eat :lol:
sms from sis "move your ass online to tell me if u agre with the team i must send them to gav now"
fight with milan :(
at 9 pm went to mum's geography teacher friend to see how crap i am at geography:p i'm not crap :smoke:
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