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Entry deadline: May 16, 2016
Seeding: May 30, 2016

OUT Mahut, Nicolas FRA 45 (WC to MD)
OUT Ram, Rajeev USA 73 (to MD)
OUT Dodig, Ivan CRO 79 (to MD)
OUT Becker, Benjamin GER 94 (to MD)
5 Kravchuk, Konstantin RUS 107
OUT Ito, Tatsuma JPN 108 (to MD)
OUT Chung, Hyeon KOR 112
8 Lacko, Lukas SVK 120
9 Chiudinelli, Marco SUI 128
10 Krajicek, Austin USA 135
11 Zverev, Mischa GER 136
12 Novikov, Dennis USA 146
13 Harrison, Ryan USA 148
14 Falla, Alejandro COL 158

OUT Bachinger, Matthias GER @176
IN Weintraub, Amir ISR 197
OUT Kozlov, Stefan USA 203 (WC to MD)
OUT Menendez-Maceiras, Adrian ESP 212
OUT Moriya, Hiroki JPN 218
OUT Michon, Axel FRA 233
OUT Mayer, Florian GER 236
OUT Medvedev, Daniil RUS 244
OUT Michalicka, Marek CZE 247
OUT Arevalo, Marcelo ESA 248
OUT Caruso, Salvatore ITA 254
IN Barton, Matthew AUS 262
IN Escobedo, Ernesto USA 263
OUT Metreveli, Aleksandre GEO 268
OUT Stanek, Robin CZE 273
OUT Viola, Matteo ITA 279
OUT Vatutin, Alexey RUS 282
OUT Hernych, Jan CZE 289
OUT Mertl, Jan CZE 291
OUT Matosevic, Marinko AUS 296
OUT Mektic, Nikola CRO 297
IN Konecny, Michal CZE 298
IN Reid, Matt AUS 307
OUT Ortega-Olmedo, Roberto ESP 310
OUT Lapentti, Giovanni ECU 312
1. Wang, Jimmy TPE 314
OUT Griekspoor, Scott NED 320
OUT Cipolla, Flavio ITA 321
OUT Pereira, Jose BRA 325
2. Boutillier, Remi FRA @328

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Re: s'Hertogenbosch Qualifying Entry List (T/K)

Probably, Mahut prefers to play qualies, because he won the tournament two times as a qualifier. However, if he has a deep run in RG doubles with P2H (e.g. SF), it's almost impossible for him to play the qualies, though WC is always available to him.

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Re: s'Hertogenbosch Entry List/Fact Sheet (updated May 31, 2016)

Mahut did not forget anything. He simply wants to start in qualification himself. That is the way he had succes in The Netherlands the last couple of years. So he wants it that way again.

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Re: s'Hertogenbosch Qualifying Entry List (updated June 1, 2016)

OUT: Ito (to MD), Mahut
IN: Mertl, Mektic
NEXT: Konecny, Reid
Mahut is still injured?
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