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Anyhow going back to the topic, he has a point - players have plenty of time before the Aussie swing to go down under and acclimatise (or do it in Roehampton like Ivanovic), that said I'm not sure if I'd be able to play or even watch a match in 42degree heat.
You don't acclimatise to 42 degrees. If you don't handle heat you just can't. I've lived in Melbourne all my life and I'm half dead if the temperature goes over 35.... when you get to 40 it's the most revolting feeling imaginable.

You should visit Florida in August. Amateurs in their 60s routinely play tennis in the heat and humidity here. My brother-in-law has played in a year-round, Sunday softball league for years, and they never cancel because of the heat. It's all a matter of conditioning and getting acclimated to the conditions. Europeans are such wimps when it comes to the heat. ;)
As I say, you don't have to be European to not handle the heat!
At some point it gets so hot that it's not about being fit enough. It's about it being dangerous and the fact that different people's bodies react to extreme conditions differently - people's blood pressures are different, and all that kind of stuff, so for him to make such sweeping statements is a little bit silly. He also should know just as much as anyone that if the thermometer says 42C that it's significantly hotter than that on court. It simply reaches a point where it's unsafe.

And quite frankly, Hewitt is ignoring something else - spectators. I've watched tennis out at Indian Wells a couple times where it was 90+F and it was REALLY hot. I can't imagine the heat down there in Australia. Or does he expect all the spectators to be fit enough to sit out there and bake in the sun, too? :eek:
It is SO dangerous to play under those conditions. Ridulously dangerous.... last year had some horrible moments of players really struggling - Tipsarevic retiring against Nalbandian sticks out in my mind the most. He was REALLY sick that day. As for spectators :help: The day the heat rule was applied at the AO last year and matches already started had to be finished I don't know how I managed to make it through the match. I was almost passed out by the end of it and struggled to make it back to the apartment for air conditioning :help:
Answer from PHM :
"When did Hewitt really play with extreme heat ? As he's a star here, he always play in night session. He's exagerating."

Well said PHM, it's a bit unfair to say things like that when players don't have all the same conditions, isn't it ?
Exactly my original thoughts. It's fine for Hewitt to come up with moronic ideas like this but all his matches have been played at night... and while the evenings here have still not been dropping below about 32 it's still a lot better than 40+!
You're not allowed to take in esky's. I've taken in ice packs before, but that applies every day. Provided you don't have cans it's usually ok. They're aware of the extreme heat during the tournament, so at least they allow us to bring it in.
I've taken in a cool bag instead of an esky a few times with my sandwiches and frozen drinks (which is much worse than cans you'd think but they never confiscate them :p)

MTF. Never changes!
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I've taken in a cool bag instead of an esky a few times with my sandwiches and frozen drinks (which is much worse than cans you'd think but they never confiscate them :p)
I think it's because you look like a nice girl when you get in there. You're not all fired up by the bastard on the other side of the net who acts like a moron. If only the people on the door could see you then! Don't bottle it up Peta, let out the frustration on the other guy - as long as he isn't in my signature :eek:

PS. Yes, I don't think Hewitt thought this one through, and wouldn't be surprised if he gets hassled about it next tournament, or when he loses in this one.:angel:

P.P.S. Tsonga is 5-4 at the moment. Kristen is pleased.
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