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of the two options
burning papers is better
then slicing the wrists

just don’t breathe the ash
and start upon the journey
through shades of boredom


the shades of boredom (of which there are five) are monochromatically grey. if you were to line them up, one next to another, you would just barely be able to make out a subtle difference in gradation between the first and the last. the leftmost tastes of ash, when you stand too close to a fire and the wind blows in your face. next is the fleeting memory that your conciousness just can’t quite hold onto; it is the malevolent rebellion of the part of your mind that wishes you harm. in the center are three voices, so achingly close to harmony that to listen would bring madness. rightward is the dream of a path, where the scenery never changes and the destination is never reached. and the farthest shade is overwhelming disappointment; knowing that same action brings same result, but being unwilling to break the cycle.

and then you move on. or you don’t. - world keeps spinning either way.
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