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Live tennis:

Venus Williams says her and her sister Serena are over the worst of their illnesses and are now ready to return to the top level of women’s tennis.

The Williams’ sisters have been plagued with illness and injury throughout the last few seasons with Venus battling Sjogren’s syndrome, an incurable condition that affects energy levels while the younger Williams’ sister has been out of action due to two life-threatening blood clots on her lungs.

Venus hasn’t played a competitive match since pulling out of the U.S. Open last September and now says that with hindsight, it may have been a mistake to play in that competition.

"I just didn't feel well before my second-round match, to the point where I couldn't play," Williams said.

"At the beginning of the tournament, I wasn't sure how far I would get or what I would do, I was kind of living on a hope and a dream."

The 31-year-old has had a glittering career, becoming the first black woman to be ranked as the world number one in the open era and winning seven grand slam titles.
Many thought that her illness could force her to take an early retirement however; she says she still has plenty to play for. With the Olympics coming up this summer, every player in the world is managing their season around the event. in order to hit peak form for the summer.

Williams, who won singles gold in 2000 says her and her sister ‘dream ‘about the Olympics and is hoping they will both be able to compete in London.
"For me, the Olympics have been the pinnacle of my career -- this will be my fourth," she said.

"Serena and I talk about playing in every Olympics possible, we keep saying how we're going to be take spots on the team forever!”

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