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Well, today is officially the start of the new academic year at Ghent university. My introductory class is at 11am, and then I probably have some English class (with my favourite prof :rolleyes: dear lord carlos, I hate that man :lol: ) at 4pm. I hope it will all be ok and that it won't be too much of a mess (which is usually is). I'm taking the train with my best friend and after the introduction we'll have some lunch. It's been a while, I look forward to see her a lot more again :)

I hope the people in the house where I'm staying this year will be nice.

And I also hope to get back to you this evening, so that I can tell you all of my adventures in the big city! (so hopefully with internet!) If I don't show up, you know that I can't go online yet lol.

Have a good week everyone. :hug:
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