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Wow! Finallys New Balls playing up to their potential. I don't know who to root for to win the whole thing: Philippousis, Federer or Roddick (sorry Grosjean).

It would be the comeback story of the year for Scud to win Wimbledon, something he may have done if earlier if it hadn't been for his knee. It would, to me, be as big a win as Goran's.

Federer, after a lousy two years of subpar Slam showings, could show he truly is the best of the New Balls.

Roddick, well, he would carry on the tradition of great American players, and maybe, become the next Sampras (albeit with personality to boot)!

Here are the matchups:

Roddick v. Federer
Federer leads 3:0

2002 Basel, Carpet, Q Federer 6 7 1 6
2002 Sydney, Hard, S Federer 6 7 4 6
2001 Basel, Carpet, Q Federer 6 3 3 6 6 7

Analysis: Wow! We've been waiting for this type of Slam matchup against New Balls for a long time. Although I would like to see an American man not Agassi or Sampras in the finals of a Slam, I think the Roddick will be outclassed by a surging Federer. Watch for grand moments of frustration and various point disputes with the umpire.

Pick: Federer

Philippoussis v. Grosjean
Tied 2:2

2002 Monte Carlo TMS, Clay, R64 Grosjean 4 6 4 6
2001 Stockholm, Grosjean 2 6 7 5 2 6
1999 AUS V FRA F, Clay, RR Philippoussis 6 4 6 2 6 4
1999 Monte Carlo, Clay, Philippoussis 4 6 7 6 6 2

Although Grosjean has won their last two encounters, the Scud is on a mission. He found his form after 2 sets down against Popp, which probably was due to some letdown from his ace-pounding victory against nemesis Agassi. If he's focused and refreshed, I can't see him losing this match. Watch for the ace count to rocket.

Pick: Scud

Well, I'm away for the weekend and won't be able to post. Happy 4th!

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yeah..i am aussie and being a mark fan for a number of years, to me he HAS to win!!! hopefully he would have recovered from his epic against Popp and will be ready to serve Grosjean off the courts tonight...

GO MARKY!!!!! GO POO!!! :)

p.s how do you put a picture next to ur username when you post?

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nice info! i'm rooting for any three of the remaining four guys!
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