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by Bob Larson

Four for Four
A few days ago, we looked at Patrick Rafter's career, and noted that he was one of only a handful of players to make the semifinal of all four Slams in the Open Era.

How small a handful? Let's find out.

Since the Australian was the last Slam to shift to its current surface (in 1988), we need look only at semifinalists there. The list is as follows:

Agassi (95, 96, 00, 01)
Becker (91, 96)
Cash (88)
Chang (95, 96, 97)
Clement (01)
Courier (92, 93, 94)
Edberg (88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94)
Enqvist (99)
Escude (98)
W. Ferreira (92)
Grosjean (01)
Gunnarson (89)
Haas (99, 02)
Johansson (02)
Kafelnikov (99, 00)
Korda (98)
Krajicek (92)
Krickstein (95)
Kucera (98)
Lapentti (99)
Lendl (88, 89, 90, 91)
T. Martin (94)
P. McEnroe (91)
Mecir (89)
Moya (97)
Muster (89, 97)
M. Norman (00)
Noah (90)
Novak (02)
Rafter (01)
Rios (98)
Safin (02)
Sampras (93, 94, 95, 97, 00)
Stich (93)
Wilander (88, 90)
Woodforde (96)

That's 36 names over 15 years (i.e. 60 chances). Pretty high turnover rate. Of course, there are certain of those names that you'd never expect to see in a Slam semifinal!

So how do these guys stack up? Let's sort them into categories (with occasional comments, mostly about active players):

Won All Four Slams:
Andre Agassi

Reached All Four Finals:
Jim Courier (worst Slam: Wimbledon -- 1 F)
Stefan Edberg (worst Slam: Roland Garros -- 1 F)
Ivan Lendl (worst Slam: Wimbledon -- 2 F)

Reached All Four Semifinals:
Boris Becker (worst Slam: Roland Garros -- 2 SF)
Miroslav Mecir (AO F 89, Roland Garros SF 87, Wimbledon SF 88, USO F 86, but won only 11 titles and no Slams!)
Patrick Rafter (worst Slam probably Roland Garros -- 1 SF)
Pete Sampras (worst Slam: Roland Garros -- 1 .SF)
Michael Stich (worst Slam: Australian Open -- 1 SF)

Had At Least One Slam Where He Did Not Make the Semifinal:
Pat Cash
Michael Chang (SF at all Slams except Wimbledon)
Arnaud Clement (only 1 SF to date)
Thomas Enqvist (only 1 SF to date)
Nicolas Escude (only 1 SF to date)
Wayne Ferreira (only 1 SF to date)
Sebastien Grosjean
Jan Gunnarson
Tommy Haas
Thomas Johansson (only 1 SF to date)
Yevgeny Kafelnikov (SF at all Slams except Wimbledon)
Petr Korda
Richard Krajicek (SF at all Slams except U. S. Open)
Aaron Krickstein
Karol Kucera (only 1 SF to date)
Nicolas Lapentti (only 1 SF to date)
Todd Martin (SF at all Slams except Roland Garros)
Patrick McEnroe
Carlos Moya (SF at all Slams except Wimbledon)
Thomas Muster (never won a match at Wimbledon)
Magnus Norman
Yannick Noah (never made it past Wimbledon 3R)
Jiri Novak (only 1 SF to date)
Marcelo Rios (only 1 SF to date)
Marat Safin
Mats Wilander (SF at all Slams except Wimbledon)
Mark Woodforde

Rafter obviously is in pretty select company: Only nine players have made all four semifinals in the four-surface era. And two of them (Stich and Mecir) have fewer Slam titles than Rafter.

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Marat is in pretty select company, for such a young guy too!! :D :D :D

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Very interesting

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thanks for this Egg. i musta missed it...;) ;)
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