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With my friends we did our Secret Santa today!!! We had to wait that long because we wanted to be sure no one would buy something that has been offered by family already at Xmas.
It was fun! My best friend offered me the DVDs of 'Madagascar' and 'the Penguins with their Xmas movie!!! :lol:
My bro 'stole' them from me already, he is watching them at the moment ;)
So now that i've watched all 'Gilmore Girls' DVDs, all 'Lost' DVDs... i have a new occupation! :p

Then we ate 'la galette des rois', a kind of pie that is a tradition in France every first Sunday after Xmas holidays. There's a little figurine hiden inside of it, and the one who gets the figurine in his/her piece of 'galette' is name king/queen and gets a crown.
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