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When I got back from Madrid in October I got sick. (very nasty flu) I got rid of everything except my cough. So now I'm on these asthma meds and feel like my chest is being ripped to pieces :sad: I'm so fed up with it and am scared out of my brain to what may be wrong....

Today was an extremely bad day and it hurts pretty bad. It scared the hell out of me, which is not a good thing because it could make matters worse :eek: Also not helping is that I keep thinking that I might have the same thing my dad had when he died, but that is not possible or so the doctors have told me.....*sigh*

I hope tomorrow morning it will be better, or at least the 100kg on my chest will be gone.

To be honest I'm a little scared to go to sleep :unsure: So if I don't ever open my eyes again love you lots :hug: (you know who you are) :awww:
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