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Save doubles!

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Check this out:
The site just went up a couple of days ago. It has all the information on the doubles changes, the lawsuit, the players opninions...

I really hope they succeed! Doubles should stay a sport and not become an exhibition
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uNIVERSE mAN said:
good riddance I say.

WTF was the point of your post in a SAVE DOUBLES THREAD you idiot :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Checked out the site thanks :yeah:
thanks for the site :yippee:
Aleksa's Laydee said:
WTF was the point of your post in a SAVE DOUBLES THREAD you idiot
The two of you aren't even tennis fans, so just fuck off. You only come here to run of the mouth.
disturb3d said:
Fuck Doubles!
shut up :mad: :rolleyes:
Doubles needs to stay as it is
the reason its not as popular is because of the lack of tv coverage
I hope they succeed to repel at least some of the changes... those scheduled for 2008 are clearly aimed to exterminate the doubles speciallists.
I don't mind that they shorten sets to 5 games, but no-ad games? Tennis won't be the same without ads and deuces...
I can also live with the new entry system of better singles/doubles ranking.
Doubles is wonderful to watch.. I'm happy every time I get the rare opportunity to watch doubles on tv during davis cup and grand slam finals.. Beats me why it is always being snubbed for singles.. The new changes are horrible!!
BUMP :D Thanks Tinne ;)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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