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Bergamo Challenger

Troicki to beat Bolelli at the odds of 1.95

This one is too good to miss, especially at these odds. Bolelli didn't play so well, as I expected yesterday against Bachinger, struggled a bit and lost a set, despite that finished as a winner. Troicki playing really well here, still haven't lost a single set, easy wins over Stadler, Haehnel and Burgsmuller should give us odds 50-50%, Bolelli shouldn't be a favourite for sure. Young Serbian is my choice.

Santoro to beat Van Scheppingen at the odds of 1.30

Both never played against each other, but Santoro is having a really good days in Italy. max 7 games lost in a whole game, yesterday at ease beaten Gulbis, youngsteer from Latvia. Scheppingen made some upsets, defeating Montcourt and Vico, but it won't be enough to beat Fabrice. Next bet on Santoro in 2nd day in a row.

Frolianopolis Challenger

Oscar Hernandez to beat Juan Pablo Brzezicki at the odds of 1.75

Yes, that's the choice. Brzezicki had some problems against Ghem yesterday in 1st set, lost in tb, but next two won at ease. Now it's a real fight, against Hernandez, undefeated so far in Brazil. He didn't lose a single set so far, easy wins over Marin, Andujar and Di Mauro(2). Brzezicki leads h2h 1-0 with last year's win in Como, but momentum is on Oscar's side and he's the one to watch here.
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