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Saturday (2/16/08) OOP & Scores

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Center Court - Starts 4:30pm

1-Fabio Fognini vs Nicolas Almagro

2-Carlos Moya vs Nicolas Lapentti

Followed by Doubles Final Not Before 8:00pm

Marcelo Melo/ Andre Sa vs Albert Montanes/Santiago Ventura
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Re: Saturday OOP & Scores

good luck Fabio and Nico L :D
Re: Saturday OOP & Scores

Good Luck Carlos!
Re: Saturday OOP & Scores

Moya :rocker2:
0-40 breakpoint for Moya
15-40 Let now
15-15... bela pararela de Lapentti
game Moya... 5/4*
game Lapentti, 5/5
bad drop-shot of Moya... *0-15
Great service... 15-15
paralela out of Lapentti... 15-30*
1 - 20 of 101 Posts
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