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OK - this is officially THE best F1 season in recent years. Yesterday's race was, once again, superb. It's pure racing, from start to finish...

Alonso was surprisingly quick after a somewhat lacklustre qualifying performance - everyone was certainly thinking that he's heavier on fuel load but he was matching the front-runner's time. And as always, super start from the Renault. I have to give credit where it's due, really - no matter how much I hate that bit of advantage that they seems to have, exclusively.

Excellent stuff from middle of the race - the tv broadcast was focusing on that battle between the 1 & 2, I forgot about the rest of the pack, honestly - until the race was finished, I was left to ask, who came in 3rd and so on?! LOL! Not that I'm complaining :) The victory lap was great - I don't remember any victory lap that went by so slowly - you can understand that Schumi wanted to soak up every bit of cheer from the stands - it doesn't get better than the tifossi at Imola :D

Schumi was pure master-class - he knew what he had to do to shut Alonso up - he's controlling their races. And this is the guy who's supposed to be just hanging around until he retires at the end of the season ;)

I wouldn't mind such races every race weekend :D
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